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Playgroup Festival is almost here!

Playgroup Festival is almost here!

Small yet beautifully formed, Playgroup Festival takes all our favourite things and throws them together for a three day carnival of art, music and magic. Nestled between London and Brighton, it’s one of the few remaining boutique festivals small enough to create a true sense of community. Playgroup has retained that sparkle that other festivals have started to lose as the crowds continue to grow. With a month to go, we can hardly contain ourselves! Will you come and play with us?

This year you’re all invited to join one of eight ‘lost toy tribes’, dressing up as one of your favourite childhood playthings. Whether you’re assigned the role of a cute Teddy Bear, Monster Under The Bed, Puppet, Robot or Toy Soldier, your fellow team members will need you to throw yourself into theme-related puzzles, portraits, happy hours, tournaments and treasure hunts in order to win prizes.

When playtime is over, there’s plenty of awesome music to be seen. From hip-hop to be-bop, Playgroup Festival’s musical line-up is completely eclectic and driven by quality, good-times and the joy of discovering new sounds. International headliners The Correspondents, DJ Yoda and Anneka are our pick of the bunch, but we can’t wait to see Hidden Orchestra and The Wild Knights after some hearing some seriously great rumours.

As well as amazing music on stage, there’ll be a booming dance tent and late night silent disco. The best in grassroots electronic music and live talent from the South East will be showcased across nine stages, while over 100 creatives roam the area. Expect burlesque dancers, stilt walkers, contemporary cabaret and even live taxidermy!

After all that, guests can hit the solar powered ‘Groovy Movie’ cinema, the perfect place to kick back and watch films into the wee hours before nap time. Then the fun starts all over again…

Playgroup are currently running a competition for all you budding film-makers out there – let your imagination run riot, and see where it could take you. See you in the playground!

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