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BB Cream – Do I Really Need It In My Make-up Bag?

BB Cream – Do I Really Need It In My Make-up Bag?

BB creams have been something of a make-up mystery since they appeared on the beauty seen last year. No one knows for sure what ‘BB’ stands for (popular  suggestions include Blemish Balm, Beauty Balm and Blemish Base) or where it comes from (Korea, Germany, or a team of dermatologists working with laser skin surgery patients). But its success speaks volumes with almost every major beauty brand launching their own version in the last year, the BB cream is here to stay.

So what does it do? Everything, apparently. The BB cream is a sort of hybrid primer/tinted moisturiser/concealer that also hydrates skin leaving a dewy finish. Sounds a bit too good to be true? Having quite literally hidden behind foundation for most of my teen/adult life, it all seemed a bit too Emperor’s New Clothes for me. But last month I (inevitably) jumped on the bandwagon to see what all the fuss was about and bought my first ever BB cream, Mac’s Prep & Prime Beauty Balm.

Mac Prep & Prime Beauty Balm, FashionBite

Has it changed my life? No. Has it changed my approach to make up? Sort of. While I will always be reluctant to forgo foundation, worn alone the BB cream really does have a fresh and youthful effect, making it a great option for the lucky few who don’t like/need full coverage. My BB cream certainly makes me wish I didn’t need foundation, but unfortunately it hasn’t persuaded me that I don’t.

Foundation lovers aren’t the only ones not entirely convinced by the phenomenon. Those of you who follow Dija’s World will have read her blog “Make Up Apartheid” last week, a great piece about the current lack of BB creams for dark skin tones. Raising the question: how can any product claim to ‘do it all’ when it only caters for a fraction of the population?

While the BB cream is certainly an innovative and exciting discovery, it has a long way to come before it earns the ‘Wonder Cream’ title so many are giving it. We’ll give it a Bronze for now shall we?

FashionBite xx

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