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TwentyTwelve: Once in a Blue moon we see Red!

TwentyTwelve: Once in a Blue moon we see Red!

We seem to love a good moan,  even during the most exciting, epic event of our times with the Olympic Games happening right on our doorstep, with our athletes proudly making themselves at home on the podium and the sun trying its hardest to beat the menacing cloud that always wants to burst just as we decide no tights are needed that day. Us Brits still seem to have something to complain about. The topic in question this week – the official Stella McCartney for Adidas Olympic kit being ‘too blue’.

With the much anticipated Opening Ceremony going off with all the right bangs (excluding Sir Paul’s ridiculous mop and The Spice Girls being completed overlooked in the 1990’s musical section – more on that to come!) we thought we had everyone on side – accepting, supporting and finally getting into ‘Olympic Fever’. But no. “Just arrived at the Olympics. Got all me kit. Think Stella was a bit Lucy In The Sky when she knocked this one up” said Bradley Wiggins, just before he went onto become the most successful British Olympian ever. Oh the irony.

With the kit being criticised as looking ‘too Scottish’ as opposed to British, with the red being used as a highlighter whilst the body takes on a modern twist with the two-tone flag, what we really want to know is, “What is so wrong with blue anyway?”

Feast your eyes on this season’s hottest blue hues that you may not be able to win a Gold medal in, but you sure will look fabulous as you watch the nailbiting events unfold on the live screen, after not being able to get hold of a ticket… OK, so we never said the Olympics were perfect!

Here are FashionBite’s top 5 blue numbers, ready to make you swoon with royal affection…

TwentyTwelve: Once in a Blue moon we see Red! FashionBite

If FashionBite was a dress, this is what it would be. The hyper-vivid print, silk jersey texture and exquisite opal Mary Katrantzou dress is a creation we literally want to get lost in. Highlighting the waist with a stunning dragonfly brooch effect, the silhouette is that of a perfect wrapped gift, just like the digital print that decorates the bottom half of the dress. Vintage costume jewellery would sit perfectly alongside this Katrantzou knockout. Available online at Net-A-Porter, £515.

TwentyTwelve: Once in a Blue moon we see Red! FashionBite

With Rita Ora, Caroline Sieber and Rihanna sporting such loungewear, it would be rude not to get involved in the pyjama trend that has been taken the style world by surprise. This trouser set from River Island is oh-so-cute and bang on with how the look should be attacked. The Polka dot and lavender blue combination is perfect in creating that ‘just bought’ PJ feel, with the blazer bringing the look together with fun tailoring chic. But beware, Primark under a fiver fleece bottoms with cow motif does not cut it, this style needs to be the right side of ‘lounge’ unless you want to look like a Big Brother contestant. The set is available now for £70

TwentyTwelve: Once in a Blue moon we see Red! FashionBite

Who would dare complain about too much blue if they owned these Nicholas Kirkwood beauties?! The 1920’s inspired suede glitter caps, would take you from day-to-night in a Charleston. Worn with cropped neon floal printed trousers and a tucked in sleek shirt, these Bollywood-esque loafers would shimmer with absolute, overpowering, need-in-my-life-NOW lust from every jealous roving eye, both on the dancefloor and under the desk. Available for £460.

TwentyTwelve: Once in a Blue moon we see Red! FashionBiteWe love a bargain here at FashionBite, but we love Viv more. Even if this gorgeous gathered box skirt had not been reduced from £205 to £82, we would still want it. Vivienne Westwood can cut clothing like no other designer and by taking a simple skirt shape, the Dame has created a complete style overhaul that relies on its fine detailing to do the talking. With the drawstring band, it is the perfect choice for a hazy Sunday afternoon of activity, followed by a hot sticky Central Line journey home.

TwentyTwelve: Once in a Blue moon we see Red! FashionBiteWhen in doubt, bring out Yves Saint Laurent. If blue was too much then why would it look so fabulous mounted on this gold plated costume ring? We rest our case. Available on Net-A-Porter, £180.


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