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VIDEO: MIU MIU ‘Behind-the-Scenes’ With Chloë Sevigny

VIDEO: MIU MIU ‘Behind-the-Scenes’ With Chloë Sevigny

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As recently seen on FashionBite, the new season, Miu Miu AW12 advertising campaign, featuring the incredible Chloë Sevigny, set the goal of mouth-wateringly delectable hyper-print trouser suits, crushed cinnamon textures, psychedelic neck ties and androgynous fever, to spectacular new heights.

But if that wasn’t enough to get your sweltering in the sensual, 1970’s inspired heat, by looking at the cool exterior of Sevign; casually slumped gracefully on a dining room chair, her light eyes opening up to the camera with that sultry, moody teenage stare that we have come to know, love and respect. Then take those globe shaped sunnies off and take a peek at this tantalizing clip ‘Behind-the-Scenes’ at the Miu Miu print campaign, filmed for our voyeuristic pleasure. It actually feels like we are there, staring (perving) with sheer pleasure at those stunning milky pins, that creamy, perfectly embellished coat and ridiculously amazing, turquoise python, 18th century inspired, platform heels.

And with one last glance, Sevigny disappears behind an Alice in Wonderland door, into a parallel Miu Miu universe made up of all the wonderful things in life.

Oh, what we would do to be invited into that world…Enjoy!

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