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The Rio – London Carnival

The Rio – London Carnival

Rio-London Carnival, FashionBite

Lifestyle Reporter: Amy Everett

The Rio – London Carnival will mix top Carnival artists from Brazil and the UK to create the most inclusive and extraordinary spectacle of music, dance, floats and costume.Leading artists from Rio including musicians from Fundicao Progresso, the iconic arts centre at the core of Street Carnival in Rio, will join London-based Carnival groups to create a Rio inspired welcome to the Olympic torch.

Top disability samba school Embaixadores de Alegria will collaborate with London School of Samba, Paraiso and Tropical Isles.

Rio samba groups Monobloco and Sargento Pimienta will also join the bill in a once-in-a-lifetime creative exchange.

The resulting spectacle will commemorate the passing of the Olympics from London to Rio in 2016. Performers and artists from Rio and London, with a special contingent from Hackney, have teamed up to construct and bring to life a Rio-style float, the biggest the UK has ever seen. The celebration will take place through Shoreditch Park and Clissold Park, Hackney, London on 21st July 2012.

Create London is also hosting a Creation Space in Hackney, where local groups will work with London-based artist Keith Khan to produce costumes and floats for the parade. Public workshops and music and dance rehearsals will take place throughout July.

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