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Viva Forever…Or At Least Age Gracefully!

Viva Forever…Or At Least Age Gracefully!

Beauty Reporter: Marianne Gray

Last week saw all five Spice Girls reunite in London for the first time since 2008 and, while I’ll admit that girl power has lost some of its influence over the years, seeing images from the launch of upcoming musical Viva Forever I felt compelled to write something about how amazing they all looked.

The ten year-old girl inside me feels guilty writing this but, the Spice Girls were never exactly known for their stylish prowess (not you Posh). The average collective picture of the famous five contained bold make up (and lots of it), stripey hair, visible tongues and about ten very visible – and very 90s – tattoos.

Sixteen years later, gathered together on the same staircase that featured in the video for debut single ‘Wannabe’, gone is the wacky hair, garish eye shadow (they were doing neons in a much less ironic way) and lip liner. Instead I was relieved (and slightly surprised) to see on stage five examples of the benefits of a little hindsight and maturity.

In contrast to recent images of Madonna (53) exposing her breast on stage it was incredibly refreshing to see these five British role models looking so elegant, sophisticated and (for want of a better expression) grown up, and what I find most amazing of all, seeing the five of them together still makes me very excited.

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