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Look of the Week – Hackney Weekend!

Look of the Week – Hackney Weekend!

Look of the Week: Hackney Weekend! FashionBite

Fashion Reporter, Sian O’Donnell

Those of you lucky enough to get your fuschia talons on Hackney Weekend tickets, apart from the obvious festival highlights (Jay Z doing his legendary thing and Beyonce playing the mega fan in the mosh pit at the front; standard new parent behaviour!) all eyes could not help but be drawn towards Rihanna. Whether you love or loathe the girl, you have to hand it to her, she has the smoking hot/streetwear/Eastside cool down to the perfect rip.

The customised Eye of Horus leather number (a jacket Frank-N-Furter would be proud of) cut-off thigh level fish nets (that shouldn’t work but you just know the DIY versions are going to hit the festival scene soon) tiger print, high tops and gold detailed Versace-style sunglasses… a look that screamed, “I rule this world.”

Head to Bitching & Junkfood now, whose soul collection is based on grunge, Hip Hop, 90’s moment and is a complete customised dreamers haven. You may not be able to get the attitude or have Kanye on speed dial, but you damn well can get the style.

FashionBite xx

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