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BEAUTY REPORT: Shocking Picture Of Sun Aged Skin!

BEAUTY REPORT: Shocking Picture Of Sun Aged Skin!

Beauty Reporter: Marianne Gray

Trucker Bill McElligot shows the aging effects of the sun, FahsionBite

Trucker Bill McElligott shows the aging effects of the sun, FashionBite

Holiday season is upon us and as we all get excited about upcoming ventures it is easy to forget the pleas from skin experts (and parents!) to look after your skin. It is so easy to step out in the sun without suncream, some of us do it deliberately, but a recent photo showing the effects of everyday sun exposure on lorry driver Bill McElligott’s face has certainly made me reach for the SPF.

This photo, released earlier this month, shows the toll the sun has taken on one half of McElligott’s face after 28 years of lorry-driving. The effects are shocking as his window-facing left side appears to look about 20 years older than the right. The photo is completely un-doctored and a big wake up call.

The premature damage to McElligott’s face was caused by Unilateral Dermatoheliosis (photo-aging) caused by UVA rays streaming through the glass. Since UVB’s are the rays with most cancer associations we hear less about UVA’s, but according to Clare O’Connor, Boots Suncare Expert, we need to make sure we protect against both – particularly if you’re worried about wrinkles.

“UV light is responsible for a large percentage of all skin ageing,” O’Connor explained. She was also keen to point out that this does not just mean wrinkles. UV rays can also cause age spots, uneven pigmentation, loss of definition of the lips, damage to eyes, dry coarse hair and even cellulite.

Soltan Once Face 8 Hour Sun Protection, FashionBite

Soltan Once Face 8 Hour Sun Protection – £10.99, FashionBite

O’Connor continues: “It is really important to protect against UVB & UVA rays so choose a high factor sun product with a 5 star UVA rating.” Boots suggest Soltan Once Face Moisturising Sun Cream, which is SPF 30 and has an ultra UV-ageing defence formula that keeps skin protected for 8 hours after application.

Mine’s already packed!

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