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(Phew!) Are We Well & Truly Over The Wags?

(Phew!) Are We Well & Truly Over The Wags?

Beauty Reporter: Marianne Gray

Bic Soleil have unveiled the findings of a recent study into the fashion and beauty habits of women in the UK, revealing a growing inclination towards the natural look and away from the fake tans and fake hair that seem to have dominated our screens of late.

In the 2006 Fifa World Cup the term WAG was introduced into our common vernacular as a term to describe the Wives and Girlfriends of the English football team. The ‘WAGs’ became, for many, as important a part of the tournament as the players themselves, with British women becoming fascinated (and many inspired) by their fake tans, enhanced hair and unthinkable footwear. But six years later, it’s a different story. Just in time for Euro 2012, Bic reveal that the WAG look is well and truly over (phew!)

The study in fact revealed that almost half of British women have no desire to look like a celebrity, and those who do favour understated glamour name Kate Middleton and Jennifer Anniston as icons. Of all the women questioned in the study, only 5% would ever describe their own look as ‘glam’ with 25% classing themselves as ‘classic’ and 24% ‘girl next door’.

In terms of beauty habits, the study revealed that only 5% of women admit to fake tanning on a weekly basis, under 3% wearing false nails and a tiny 2% wearing false eye lashes instead focusing their beauty regime on the ‘essentials’: washing, shaving their legs and applying light and effortless make up.

Bic Soleil’s study was carried out as part of their summer campaign to find four women to represent Bic Soleil shavers with one being crowned Miss Sunshine 2012 chosen by a judging panel including Lydia Bright  known both for her role on The Only Way is Essex and her reluctance to conform to the WAG look favoured in her home town.

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