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DELVE INTO THE ARCHIVES: Vidal Sassoon, creator of ‘the bob,’ dies at the age of 84

DELVE INTO THE ARCHIVES: Vidal Sassoon, creator of ‘the bob,’ dies at the age of 84

Very sadly, news broke last night that iconic hair stylist Vidal Sasoon has died at the age of 84.

I have delved into FashionBite’s archives and found this post, which was written after an event to celebrate his 50 year career, and includes how Vidal Sasson managed to grow his eponymous business into the huge brand it is today…

Vidal Sasson, FashionBiteGUEST BLOGGER: Freelance Journalist Amy Golding, 15 July 2011.

Hairdressing brand Vidal Sassoon has revamped its range of home styling products, as well as launching a host of new ones, at a Soho Hotel, London, event this week.

Vidal Sassoon’s hairdressing career spans over 50 years, in which time he created the bob and became a styling icon. But the epnoymous founder’s climb to fame is even more extraordinary. Born to Jewish parents in London’s East End in 1928, Sassoon began his career as a hairdresser in the second-world war…

As a child he was faced with extreme poverty, which led to him being placed in an orphanage. In his early ’20’s he fought for the Israeli Defense Forcesand campaigned against anti-Semitism. By the 1960’s he’d opened his first saloon in New Bond Street, where he created fresh, short asymmetric cuts for generations of women.

His autobiography is well worth a read if you want a deeper insight into his life! In 2010, ‘Vidal Sassoon The movie’ was also launched.

Vidal Sassoon is a brand close to my heart. In my first year of secondary school my mum, a lover of contemporary styles, took me to its Covent Garden salon to have my first grown-up haircut. As a 12-year-old girl, I befuddled my styling director by requesting a zig-zag parting (it was the 90s)!

As part of the revamp, the brand has redesigned its packaging to compliment the geometric styling Vidal Sassoon it is famous for. It has also launched two new collections – Classic and Contemporary.

The Classic Collection features products to make everyday styling easier, like a tangle-free hot air styler and the new daily hydration dryer. The products in the Contemporary Collection aim to help you create on-trend styles without causing long-term damage to your hair.

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