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REVIEW – Face & Body Aroma Ritual at Ajala Spa (total bliss!)

REVIEW – Face & Body Aroma Ritual at Ajala Spa (total bliss!)

Review- Ajala Spa face and body aroma ritual at FashionBiteI find myself constantly playing catch-up at the moment – juggling  work commitments/events/friend’s hen do’s/birthdays/weddings/some kind of downtime with the boyfriend/exercise (ok, that’s totally fallen by the way side!) and everything else that seems to be pulling me in all directions.

I’m finding it almost impossible to carve out a spare half hour for myself…I’ve carted my Bikram yoga bag to and from work for the last two weeks and never once made it to the class!

So, the prospect of heading off to the Ajala Spa – in the 5* St.Paul’s Grange hotel – for two and half hours of total relaxation was absolute bliss!

Review- Ajala Spa face and body aroma ritual at FashionBiteI was treated to Ajala’s signature Face & Body Ritual, in which I handed myself over to a therapist for almost 3 hours of deep unwinding…

As I entered the spa room itself it felt like a warm and cosy haven, with decor which has been inspired by South East Asian travels. A bath and shower were situated at the back of the room, lights were low and my softly spoken therapist explained the next few hours of treatments, against a background of soothing music.

Body Exfoliation

First off, I experienced the all-over body exfoliation. The therapist used Ajala’s own brand Mandarin & Grapefuit Exfoliating Body Scrub (£17.99), containing JoJoba oil, which smelt absolutely divine and left my skin feeling so soft afterwards.

She started off with my feet and worked her way up massaging the scrub in to my body with firm, vigorous strokes – removing any dead skin cells on the way. Ajala’s own brand range uses all natural ingredients and I could feel the goodness working its way into my tired skin from the outset.

After the full body exfoliation, I washed off any excess scrub in the shower using the deliciously scented Ajala Spa Lavender & Eucalyptus Shower Oil. The water just seemed to slide off my skin, as the rich oils started to work their magic.

Hot Stone Aroma Body Massage

Next up was the full body Hot Stone Massage. During the treatment, hot stones were placed at 7 different points on my body and my therapist explained the use of this during the treatment.

The idea was to open up my Chakra – which has its origins in Hindu text, but is based on the  notion that the body consists of a series of energy points close to the surface of the skin – and by opening up the Chakra, you are able to release toxins from the body. The Chakra is then closed again at the end of the treatment, with the removal of the stones. Alongside this toxin elimination the hot stones, combined with a firm tissue massage, are intended to work deeper into the muscle to help relieve tension.

I totally drifted off during the treatment, somewhere in between consciousness and sleep and my mind and body were able to completely switch off. At the end of the treatment, my legs felt like they were melting into the bed and my body tingled with a warm, relaxing sensation.

Ajala Spa Facial

I was at a point of total relaxation for the facial, I didn’t want the experience to end (and normally at this point it does!), so it was lovely to have something else to look forward to.

Using the gorgeous Swiss skincare brand Karin Herzog, which uses oxygen as the base for many of its products, my facial consisted off a series of massages, masks and moisturisers which were glided on, dabbed off and re-applied. To be honest I couldn’t tell you in what order, as I had a cooling eye mask on throughout the treatment and was totally in the hands of my wonderful therapist! As I emerged an hour later though, my skin felt beautifully soft and plump – not a dry cell in sight. And I secretly wished I had the budget for this every week!

If you’re looking for a complete unwind, this is definitely the treatment for for you. The Face & Body Aroma Ritual (£185) is available at any of the 5 London Ajala Spa locations and all Ajala Spa’s own brand products are available online at

FashionBite xx

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