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REVIEW: NOSH – The Ultimate Spring Detox!

REVIEW: NOSH – The Ultimate Spring Detox!

Nosh Spring Detox at FashionBiteIt’s the first day back at work after Easter and I’m sure everyone’s feeling the bloat!

So, I thought it would be a good time to post my review on the NOSH Detox Juice Fast, which I completed a few weeks ago. But after a long weekend in France eating/drinking far too much and the excesses of Easter weekend…I feel like I need another one!

Nosh Spring Detox at FashionBiteNosh Spring Detox at FashionBiteI’m a massive fan of detoxes, I think they’re a great way to clean out the system and spring’s a good time to do this, ahead of the summer months.

NOSH offers a range of detox programmes, depending on what you’re hoping to achieve; including Weight Loss, Anti-Cellulite, Gut Healing, Sugar Free Diet..and so forth.

Nosh Spring Detox at FashionBiteI opted for the signature NOSH Juice Fast and chose a 5-day programme of juice smoothies, along with the Nosh Detox Box (which was amazing!). The total cost for a 6-day Juice Fast + Detox Box is £277, but you can opt for a 2-day Juice Fast without Detox box, for say £86.

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What I loved about the NOSH detox in particular was the personal touches – labels were printed out and addressed to me, for example – ‘Lovingly Prepared Today By NOSH For Emily Seares.’ You were also helped along every step of the way – I had a different card for each detox day, which outlined how I would be feeling, what I should be eating/drinking and also reminded me that I can call a NOSH therapist at any time if I was wavering slightly and in need of moral support!Nosh Spring Detox at FashionBite

Nosh Spring Detox at FashionBiteIn addition, the Detox Box provided me with daily herbal teas (which you sipped throughout the day), Nux Vom tablets to help clean out the colon and reduce stomach acidity, castor oil which you took every morning with half a cup of coffee (yes, finally a detox which allowed me to have a small coffee each day!), alongside Dead Sea Salts for the bath (a different packet for each evening including Lavender and Rose petals) and a Natural Bristle Brush for dry body brushing.

Nosh Spring Detox at FashionBiteThe great thing about having all these additional things was that it gave me different things to focus on each day, which really helped keep my mind off thoughts of eating.

Hot water and lemon, litres of fresh water, delicious juices, breathing techniques, tablets, oils and long evening baths ensured that I was constantly doing something (or had something to look forward to) which helped me stick to the plan. With the daily incentive cards as well, I felt like I was really being guided through the whole process.

The juices (enough for 3 days) were delivered to me the evening before I was due to start, in personalised bags tied with ribbon. I couldn’t wait to begin! [Juices for the final 2 days were delivered on the evening of Day 3]

During the first few days I found it really tough, it was the hunger more than anything. Hunger would quickly overtake my thoughts, so all I was thinking about was food and what I couldn’t eat. However, I was determined to stick to the detox and not give in. I kept to my daily routines and by Day 3 my hunger pangs had virtually disappeared – replaced by a real alertness. By the afternoon of Day 3, my mind felt really clear, it’s difficult to explain but I was thinking in a much more focused way. I was speeding through my work and really enjoyed this feeling.

Day 4 and 5 were a joy compared to the first few days, I was on a high from the way I was feeling and as I jumped on the scales I noticed I’d lost 4-5 Ibs, which felt amazing too! By the end of the 5 days, I’d lost almost 7 lbs and I felt brilliant from it. I have to say, this was one of the best detox programmes I’ve done – but I think what made it so brilliant was all the accompanying products/info which really helped me stick to it.

Post-Easter, I’m feeling the need for a lighter detox so I’ve decided to opt for a pared down version of the NOSH detox, using the same principles. I will be drinking Juice Smoothies or soups during the day, along with doing weekly Bikram yoga and having a healthy, filling evening meal – which I think should get be back on track.

NOSH is a London-based company, set up by founder Geeta Sidhu-Robb, and the company has won many awards including Best Detox in London from The Evening Standard, Best Delivery Diet from Zest magazine and Best of the Best Secret Diary from Vogue. See for more details.

What are your thoughts, have you tried any great detox/diet plans recently?

FashionBite xx

Emily Seares is an award-winning magazine editor and journalist and the founding editor of FashionBite. She was featured in VOGUE's Digital Powerlist Top 100 and is a quoted style expert for most national newspapers and magazines.

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