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Garnier Nutrisse Crème Hair Colour – Top Tips for Blondes!

Garnier Nutrisse Crème Hair Colour – Top Tips for Blondes!


I’ve had just about every hair colour under the sun since my early teens, but I’m curently blonde – have been for the last few years – and the key to dyed blonde hair is the condition.

To get the best out of blonde hair  I swear by Morrocon Oil. If it’s in really bad condition you can rub a small amount on daily after shampoo and conditioner, but otherwise once a week is great as a hair treat.

Alongside finding the right blonde colour for you (which is key), maintaining that colour is crucial. When you’re on holiday wear a hat or head scarf to help protect your hair and the colour will last much longer. Also, a tip from a top hair stylist I was chatting to at London Fashion Week: “Always use hair protection spray.” He said when straightening hair regularly this is absolutely essential to keeping the healthy condition of the hair.

Garnier Nutrisse has launched a new hair colour collection, aptly named British Blondes. Check out the video above for tips on what colour blonde to choose, how to process it and how long to leave it on for.

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