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OSCARS 2012 PREVIEW: Jane Eyre (nominated for an Academy Award!)

OSCARS 2012 PREVIEW: Jane Eyre (nominated for an Academy Award!)

Pre-Oscars Preview, Jane Eyre at FashionBiteThe Oscar’s kicks off tonight (Sunday evening/Monday morning UK) in all its fabulous glory. I can’t wait to see all the outfits, keep posted for my thoughts.

Universal Pictures sent me Oscar-nominated Jane Eyre to review a month or so ago (released on DVD March 12) and as it’s up for an Academy Award tonight for best Costume Design – I thought it would be a great time to review it!

Pre-Oscars Preview, Jane Eyre at FashionBiteI’ve had a totally relaxed weekend (after the hectic-ness of London Fashion Week last weekend) and so Sunday afternoon with a cup of peppermint tea and wrapped up in a duvet, I settled down to watch the newest adaptation of Jane Eyre.

I know the story very well – having both read and acted in it – alongside seeing previous film adaptations. And I thought this version was absolutely superb.

The story starts off at a gentle pace, but the danger with Jane Eyre is for it to continue in this vein all the way through. However, directed by award-winner Cary Fukunaga, it was injected with emotions of passion, love, loss, restraint and an over-riding sense of melancholy from early on – which breathed new life into the script.

Jane Eyre is in essence a love story, but in the book we are given very little real passion or happiness from the main character. However, the film gives us this (if fleetingly!).

Pre-Oscars Preview, Jane Eyre at FashionBiteThe character of Jane Eyre (written by author Charlotte Bronte as almost lacking of emotion), can come across in some adaptations as 2-dimensional. But Mia Wasikowsa’s acting featured just the right amount of passion and abstention to give her character both the fullness and freshnes that the viewer is looking for. Starring Judi Dench as Mrs Fairfax and Michael Fassbender as Mr Rochester, Judi Dench is brilliant as always and Mr Rochester’s character is surprisingly likeable.

The stunning Yorkshire Moors provides a dramatic backdrop to the tale and I can see why the film is up for an Oscar for best Costume Design, as the exquisite costumes really do add to the richness of the script (adapted by screenwriter Moira Buffini).

I did cry at points (but then I often cry at films!), but you end with a sense of hope and fulfilment which is satisfying. A good Sunday afternoon watch, I would give Cary Fukunaga’s Jane Eyre 9/10.

FashionBite xx

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