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REVIEW – Soft Wave Healing Laser Therapy at EF Medispa, London

REVIEW – Soft Wave Healing Laser Therapy at EF Medispa, London

EF Medispa, FashionBiteLast year, I attended the opening party of the new EF Medispa in St. John’s Wood, London. The beautiful spa is located on the pretty St. John’s Wood high street and offers a range of holistic “body perfection and weight-loss” treatments, which EF Medispa is known for. 

At the launch party, we were able to try out some sample treatments and I opted for ‘Soft Wave Healing Laser.’ I’m a big fan of a natural and holistic therapy and not being too familiar with this particular treatment, I thought I’d give it a go.

I loved the feeling of calm and relaxation I felt just after the sample trial, but in just half an hour I wasn’t able to do the treatment full justice. So, as the miserable January blues set in, I headed back over to St.John’s Wood to sample the full 90 minutes…

As I lay back on the bed my therapist, Milena, talked me through the whole process. The Soft Wave Healing Laser is a small hand-held machine which she applies to different pressure points on the body (depending on the areas you want to focus on) and it emits infrared and blue violet pulses, which are intended to recharge and heal different areas of the body.

Milena is a trained Reiki master and the concept behind Soft Wave Laser therapy is almost like a modern day version of ‘healing hands,’ in which energy is used to naturally re-charge the body. During the treatment, I was taken to a state of deep relaxation (half awake half asleep) and it was at this time, called ‘still point,’ when the body is meant to create this healing energy boost.

The benefits of soft laser treatment are said to include: reducing stress levels, sleep problems, symptoms of depression and anxiety, circulation issues, digestive problems, pain relief…and so on. As I lay on the treatment bed, Milena also took one look at my back and asked if I had a history of scoliosis (a curvature of the spine) in my family. She is right, I do. But I’ve been for countless massages/therapies in the past and no one has ever asked me that or picked up on it before. I was very impressed!

She also felt pressure points on my hands and at the top of my chest and asked if I had some digestive issues. I do get some discomfort (as most people I’m sure) when eating certain types of food, so I asked her to focus on digestion and getting rid of toxins in the Soft Wave Laser therapy. The treatment lasted around 90 minutes, during which time I drifted in and out of sleep as Milena placed the warm Scalar Wave Laser machine on different points of my body.

After the treatment, I felt incredibly relaxed and I headed out to a nearby cafe to finish off some freelance work. For the first hour though I felt this weird sense of anger and frustration, as if my body was swirling around a bunch of nasty toxins, but then just a few hours later I felt this amazing sense of calm and happiness. It’s difficult to explain the feeling, but it was a real sense of contentment.

Soft Wave Healing Laser costs £200 per treatment, or £1950 for 11. Milena told me many of her clients come back weekly or bi-weekly and that after a course of treatments all of them have reported incredible results; from depression to pain relief and increased energy levels.

Visit for more infomation on Soft Wave Healing Laser Therapy and the range of other treatments available.

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