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Blow dry bars open up in London gyms

Blow dry bars open up in London gyms

Blow Bars to open in London gymsBlow Bar has opened up blow dry hair salons in two London Virgin Active gyms (Moorgate and Mayfair). It’s such a brilliant idea and I’m suprised more gyms don’t offer it – perfect for the party season as well! 

You can book online at, pick up your shampoo/conditioner from the Blow Bar room after a workout and then return to the bar for your appointment. Styling costs £24. It sounds like a trial at the moment, as its just available in two venues, but I hope it takes off. A bit indulgent for a day at the office, but perfect if you’ve got an event/party to go to in the evening and you want to pop for a workout/shower before hand.

I’m feeling v.guilty at the moment by my lack of gym attendance, I seem to go in waves of being motivated (then not!), but with all the festive parties I just haven’t had the time. Oh well, New Year’s resolutions in a few week’s time and all that! But, the option of a blow dry afterwards may well just tempt me back…

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  • Amy

    Great idea – it’s a shame it’s not free for gym members. I think Virgin should consider subsidising. That would definitely see me considering a membership!

  • This is in fact a good idea! would like to know how does it work…do we have to make an appointment, and for how long do we have to wait more or less?

    Marta Silva


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