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A Week of Christmas feasting & drinking – tips to preventing burn out!

A Week of Christmas feasting & drinking – tips to preventing burn out!

FashionBite heads to '90's cheese party 1

'90's Cheese Party!

Last week, I headed to The Ivy, The River Cafe and The Beach Blanket Babylon for dinner (not on the same night I might add!), alongside a trip to the theatre to see The Mousetrap, a night out dancing to ’90’s cheese and an evening visit to the amazing Dennis Severs’ house in Shoreditch, followed by more drinks…apologies for the lack of posting but it was a busy/fun week!

It’s that time of year though where you can end up going out every night to one event or another, seeing friends/Christmas parties (and everything involving copious amounts of drinking!), but you have to be careful not to burn out. It’s difficult to say no to things though (I know), but that’s also kind of what the festive season is about.  So, I thought I’d give you a few tips to help prevent burn out…

1. Berocca – daily during December! It gives you a massive vitamin boost and helps fight off bugs when you’re feeling a bit drained from too much partying.

2. Echinacea – daily as well during december. Whenever I start to feel myself getting a cold I take Echinacea, but during the party season I try to take it every day as it can really help a depleted immune system.

3. 2-3 litres of Water A Day –  I keep a 1.5 litre bottle on my desk (wherever I’m working) and make sure I fill it up once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Just drinking lots of water each day can really help your skin/body/general wellbeing during the Christmas party season.

4. The Odd Night In! – If possible, have the odd night in and really make the most of it. Run a lovely, hot bath with candles and oils; lie back with a moisturising Facemask, listen to relaxing tunes on the radio with a cup of herbal tea and try to get an early night!

FashionBite xx

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