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VERSACE FOR H&M LAUNCH – Lunchtime Update!

VERSACE FOR H&M LAUNCH – Lunchtime Update!

Versace at H&M launch, FashionBiteFashionBite popped down to the H&M store on Regent Street this lunchtime to check out the Versace for H&M collection and how it was selling. Some of the more modest lines, such as the black skirts and embellished leather jackets, had sold out completely – but there was still plenty of the more flamboyant brightly coloured dresses and accessories left.

Versace at H&M launch, FashionBiteThe store was still fairly packed at lunchtime (although I imagine nothing compared to first thing – as shoppers at camped out over night to be the first to get their hands on the new collection). Donatella Versace also made a brief appearance in the morning. She told “I love London. It’s so exciting. We drove around this morning and saw all the people who have been waiting. It’s incredible.”Versace at H&M launch, FashionBite

Versace at H&M launch, FashionBiteVersace at H&M launch, FashionBiteAt lunchtime there was still a frantic air of excitement, as shoppers piled high with goods crowded around mirrors to try on the pieces. I tried on a couple of dresses, but the collection is not really my style so I didn’t end up purchasing anything. On my way back to Carnaby street, I saw plenty of shopping bags – so I can only imagine it was a big hit!

FashionBite xx

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