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Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model Live: Day 1

Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model Live: Day 1

BNTML, FashionBiteI headed down to Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model Live on Friday and the place was absolutely rammed.

Grace Woodward revealed some interesting gossip about next year’s Britain’s Next Top Model, there were Casting Couch model masterclasses, styling inspiration sessions by Vernon Francois and I watched the spectacular performance from the BINTM Live Tour which featured incredible dance choreography from a troupe of male dancers, the 13 BINTM contestants strutting their stuff on the catwalk and Bluey Robinson (amongst others) singing his latest tracks.

BNTML, FashionBite 3

BNTML, FashionBite 6The brilliant Lee Lapthorne directed the Live Tour show and he really did put on an outstanding performance.

In a live interview, Grace Woodward (wearing vintage Vivienne Westwood and looking fab) said she was gunning for a male version of the hit TV show next year. Where 12 or so male aspiring models would battle it out for the Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model crown…watch this space! She also revealed she is currently working on Rihanna’s new music video.

However, despite her success, Grace said she wouldn’t recommend anyone get into the world of fashion styling as it is “such hard work”. She said admiring it from a far is so much more enjoyable. I have to agree about the hard work, but I think if you’re really passionate about something, you can do whatever

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