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UPDATE: HEALTH REVIEW – 5 Day ‘Juice Master Cleanse’

UPDATE: HEALTH REVIEW – 5 Day ‘Juice Master Cleanse’

Soulmatefood, FashionBite 1At the start of the week, I was very excited to receive my 5 Day ‘Juice Master Cleanse’ from Soulmatefood. It is a 5 day, 6 juices a day detox which aims to totally cleanse the boy, kick-start your metabolism and lose you up to 6lbs!

Soulmatefood, FashionBite 2The juices are delivered in the middle of the night, so when you wake-up in the morning there’s a big parcel hidden by your front door.

I loved opening the box, it was packaged fabulously and the juices looked so inviting.

The cleanse stipulates no coffee and alcohol (I knew it was going to be tough…gulp!) and plenty of water. The juices are all handmade and labelled juice 1-6 with corresponding days of the week. Each juice has roughly 200 kcals (although I’m sure some of them have a lot less), which means you’re injesting an average of 1,200 kcals a day. You’re meant to have the first juice when you wake-up in the morning and then one every two hours or so.Soulmatefood, FashionBite 3

The Juices…

Juice 1- Detox Breakfast: Carrot, Orange, Ginger & Superfoods

Juice 2- Celebrity Secret: Lemon, Water, Cayenne Pepper, Agave Syrup

Juice 3- Vitality: Pineapple, Banana, Coconut

Juice 4- Berry Active: Antioxidant Blend, Cherries & Mixed Berries

Juice 5 Tropical: Orange, Mango & Passion Fruit

Juice 6- Earth: Apple, Beetroot & Blackcurrent

Soulmatefood, FashionBite 4The juices are all really delicious, although I’m not as keen on the beetroot one at the end. However, I’ve found it really difficult to have no solid food whatsoever. On the first day (Monday), I lasted until about 4pm before having to eat some soup and a bit of bread, then a poached egg on toast later in the evening. On the second day, I wasn’t feeling brilliant so again had to have some soup/salad for lunch and today I’ve really come down with a bug and have been ill in bed all! I’m still drinking the juices though, I need them now more than ever, and have just had a poached egg on toast.

I’m not sure how much weight I’m going to lose as I’ve been slightly cheating with the food, but I’ve avoided coffee (which I absolutely adore) and of course alcohol and I’m starting to feel great for that. I had a big headache on the first day though without the usual morning caffeine fix! The other thing I’m starting to notice is my skin looking a lot healthier. I was starting to get dark circles under my eyes – I think due to the stress, pollution and general hecticness of living in London – but this seems to have massively reduced and my skin has a much healthier glow to it.

Although I have eaten a bit alongside the juices, I have hugely reduced my food consumption and the sheer amount of berries and fruit I’m intaking per day has got to be good!

The Juice Cleanse is not cheap though, £200 for a 5 Day Juice Master Cleanse. I have a 50% off code for friends and though, so if you are interested in trying it out send me an email at with ‘Juice Master Cleanse Code’ as the title.

I’m excited to see how the week pans put, and if I do lose a few pounds..I’ll keep you posted!

UPDATE: So, the verdict at the end of the week. I lost 2-3 pounds (not a huge amount I know, but I didn’t stick to it religiously due to being ill during the week as well). I think if you were very strict about the detox you could easily lose 6-7 lbs as they suggest. However, my trousers did feel a bit baggier and just cleansing your body of toxins, coffee, alcohol..etc felt great after a week. I’ve had quite a few people emailing me about this, keen to to it as a pre-holiday diet. I think this is a great idea, as the cleanse can really help with bloating and is sure to give you a flatter stomach before having to don that bikini. I also think a great time to do it would be in the New Year, knowing that I’ll be over doing it at Christmas I can’t think of a better way to kick-start my sluggish system in January.

FashionBite xx

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