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FashionBite meets iconic designer Diane Von Furstenberg

FashionBite meets iconic designer Diane Von Furstenberg

Diane Von Furstenberg, FashionBiteGUEST BLOGGER: Freelance Journalist Amy Golding

I wouldn’t normally write about a perfume. Fragrance is too personal. On this occasion I am going to break my rule. Not because I’ve discovered a scent that will change my life – although I do like it – but because the lady who created it is exceptional. 

“There is nothing more personal than the relationship a women has with her mirror,” she said during her UK launch event. I waited a little over a week before I wrote this blog – I attended the ‘Diane’ perfume press morning last Wednesday. The event, overflowing with fashion and beauty bloggers and journalists, was not dissimilar to many others I have attended.

However, what made the difference was Diane Von Furstenberg herself. The fashion designer from Belgium, famed for creating the wrap dress, is really passionate about encouraging women to be independent and successful, in whatever they choose to do. I am not a great feminist, but I was touched by her authenticity. A woman who can create inspirational moments at a perfume launch is special.

The 64-year-old looked very striking in a deep purple knee-length skirt, a loose-fitting lime blouse and a mass of wavy hair.Diane Von Furstenberg, FashionBite

She explained that when growing up she wanted to be independent. Not because she had a difficult life, but because she wanted more from it. After achieving independence for herself she went on to help other women achieve it, through fashion.

Paraphrasing Diane, classics cannot be manipulated or planned, only achieved through determination and authenticity. Diane Von Furstenberg knows both of these traits well.Diane Von Furstenberg, FashionBite

Whether her perfume will become a classic, we don’t yet know. However, unlike many of the throw-away celebrity fragrances currently on the market, Diane must be recognised for attempting to create a scent that she believes women will actually want.

See for more info.

FashionBite xx

Emily Seares is an award-winning magazine editor and journalist and the founding editor of FashionBite. She was featured in VOGUE's Digital Powerlist Top 100 and is a quoted style expert for most national newspapers and magazines.

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