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Walk-In Backrubs, relaxing the London way!

Walk-In Backrubs, relaxing the London way!

Walk-In Backrub, FashionBiteGUEST BLOGGER: Freelance Journalist Amy Golding

Yesterday lunchtime I walked past a shop on a bustling Fitzrovia  street to see five men, fully suited, sitting backwards in chairs, heads face down in pillows, getting rubbed up (and rather roughly too). They’d each paid £31 for the privilege.

Welcome to Walk-In Backrub. Although the concept has been around for a while, it’s the frankness of this salon that I love. No appointments are necessary to receive one of its stress relieving fully-clothed backrubs. Just walk in off the street.

The company does a fantastic job of relaxing thousands of Londoners each week. I certainly felt less stressed after witnessing such an amusing sight through the shop’s street-level open-door.

However, although it did make me smile, I support any business that encourages people to leave their desks at lunchtime and utilise their full hour of freedom. I certainly won’t be passing its door again without popping in.

Walk-in Backrub has four shops in central London. It also offers corporate massage, which involves massures turning up to your office and rubbing you there instead – 10, 20 and 30 minute backrubs cost £11, £21 and £31, respectively.

The company also has two London Shiatsu Shops, offering Full Body Zen Shiatsu treatments.

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