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Havaianas opens first UK store – A look behind the brand!

Havaianas opens first UK store – A look behind the brand!

Havaianas first UK store

Havaianas first UK store

So, Havaianas has opened its first UK store, in London’s Covent Garden. “What took it so long?!”, I heard one hysterical shopper cry. Inside the Kingly Court shop you can buy the brand’s famous flipflops as well as high tops, sneakers and espadrilles. The most basic design comes with a price tag of around £20.

Havaianas first UK store
Havaianas first UK store

The new store follows the recent launch of Havaianas first range of wellington boots, at a starstudded event attended by celebrity guests including Daisy Lowe, Jameela Jamil, Jamie Woon, Jade Parfit, Gizzi Erskine and Lara Bohinc. But read this guest list to a Brazilian in their late 20s or 30s and they’ll gasp from utter astonishment.

Recently I was on the underground with a Brazilian friend of mine, who still lets out a tiny shriek each time she sees someone wearing a pair of Havaianas on their way to the pub. “When I was growing up,” she breathes, “only mums would wear Havaianas. And only when doing the housework.” She explained they came in one colour, white with a harsh blue strap, and you would never be seen outside the house in them.

I am sure she laughed even more when her fashion-forward brother, who still lives Brazil’s Sao Paulo, bought a pair with the same white and blue design last month, due to their retro appeal. His rugby-playing pals didn’t even bat an eyelid when he went out drinking in the shoes his mother once mopped the house in.

It is this transformation that makes the brand truly fabulous. I visited Sao Paulo recently and took a trip to Havaianas flagship store, stumbling around it in a state of euphoria, while filling my basket with brightly coloured sandals that I’d pierced with crystals. I spent a small fortune.

Havaianas store in Sao Paulo

However, I soon came back to reality when I realised that, in Brazil, you can still by these flipflops for around £7 in the local sweet shops!

Havaianas store in Sao Paulo

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