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Courtney Love ruffles Topshop’s feathers…!

Courtney Love ruffles Topshop’s feathers…!

If any of you London-based FashionBite readers read The Evening Standard last night, you’ll have seen the story about Courtney Love rejecting Topshop boss Sir Philip Green’s offer to design a high street collection for the store, inferring Topshop is too down-market for her range..!

Love said: “[Green] was on the boat next to us in Cannes and I talked to him about my line. He was very interested but I kept telling him he couldn’t have it. I don’t want my collection in the basement in Topshop on Oxford Circus, I want it in Browns or Selfridges. But apparently the thing with Sir Philip is, just to keep saying no to him is what he likes best. He’s called me four times already, saying he wants to do a diffusion line.”

Courtney Love has her own vintage inspired brand called ‘Never The Bride’ but  she is clearly not interested in following the path of former Topshop designer Kate Moss.

Love told The Evening Standard: “[Green] said to me: ‘I’m not looking for another Kate’. Well, that’s good, because I am clearly not another Kate!”…Ouch!!

I tweeted about the story last night and there has since been a barrage of news alerts about it this morning. However, after clicking on the links a lot of them now appear to be broken- I imagine taken down from major news sites after an ear-bashing from Sir Philip! has since reported Green as dismissing Courtney Love’s statement, quoting a spokesperson from Green’s office saying: “Courtney and Philip shared a brief conversation over one boat rail to another while in Cannes-they have had no contact since, telephone or otherwise…”

So not a complete denial then…!

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