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Ajala Spa – Spa Luxury With An Asian Twist

Ajala Spa – Spa Luxury With An Asian Twist


Ajala Spa, Treatment Room, FashionBiteWith summer now fast approaching and an impending holiday to Tuscany in 6 weeks, the need to kick-start my body blitz is becoming quite apparent!

So a trip to the luxurious Ajala Spa in the 5* St. Paul’s Grange Hotel seemed like the perfect starting off point…


The Spa itself has a distinctive Hindu-inspired South East Asian feel to it – it reminded me of my trip last year to Bali and the Gili islands – complete with burning incense and Buddha statues. And as soon as I entered the Spa, the atmosphere was one of sheer calm and relaxation…bliss!

Ajala_Spa_Entrance, FashionBite

The Ajala Spa offers a range of signature treatments using a blend of botanical aromatherapy oils, chakra-balancing crystals and hot/cold basalt volcanic stones. These include the Argan Oil & Rice Grain Exfoliation, the Aromatic Oil Bath and the Ajala Signature massage.

In addition to the massage and facial treatments, the Spa also has an amazing Real Sunlight Room, which can be programmed to create sunrise, full daylight and sunset. The beneficial effects include helping fight SAD, promoting vitamin D intake (great for Winter months!), helping blood circulation and reducing muscle/joint pain…I wonder if you can get a natural sun tan too?!

As a guest of Ajala, I was treated to the most amazing Hot Stone Aroma Body Massage – which lasted around an hour and a half – and was absolutely divine. First off, I had an all-over body exfoliation which made my skin so soft to touch. After washing off in the shower – using the Ajala body care range, which you can buy online at –  I received one of the most soothing and relaxing all over body massages I think I’ve had. Using heated stones, the practitioner applied gentle massaging movements to glide the stones over my skin whilst massaging deep into the tissue. It felt incredible and I was able to completely unwind…something I find difficult to do!

Ajala_Spa_Relaxation_Lounge, FashionBite

The calming Spa ambience lends itself to total relaxation from start to finish. You completely forget you’re in the City, as you drift off to thoughts of lying on a  beautiful beach under the setting sun.

For more info on the range of Spa treatments and products, see

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