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Beth Ditto chats to FashionBite on her 30th Birthday

FashionBite caught up with American singer Beth Ditto backstage at the Julian J Smith show at On|Off during London Fashion Week.

Ditto, a huge fan and friend of the designer, was also celebrating her 30th birthday that night. Cocktail in hand, she talked to FB about her thoughts on the show and what product she can’t live without…!

How long have you known Julian J Smith?

We’ve been close for about three years now.

What do you like about his designs?

Anyone that does something different all of the time is onto a good thing.

What did you think of his AW11 collection and catwalk?

Muting his prints this season has worked. The collection features a consistent use of colour and has a strong story. I don’t know a lot about fashion but I know what I like. One thing I love is crochet over black or lace over black, which are looks that feature in this collection.

What do you want from his AW11 collection?

I would love the burgundy dress with the panelling – if it comes in a size that fits me.

What’s the fashion item you can’t live without?

I can’t live without my Mac liquid eyeliner. It doesn’t matter what I am wearing as long as I have my eyeliner on.

What did you think about the make-up and hairstyling used for this show?

The platinum blonde wigs worn by the models were fabulous – but it won’t be a look I’ll be copying. I make an awful blonde – even though its actually my natural hair colour.

Have you received any birthday pressies yet?

I’ve only be given two presents so far today, a book and a bottle of champagne [the bubbly was a present from On|Off’s director Lee Lapthorne].

What are you plans for tonight?

To party! It’s great that my 30th has fallen on a Saturday in London Fashion Week. Let’s see where the night takes me!


On/Off A/W          picture by Geoff Pugh       19/2/2011Julian J SmithOn/Off A/W          picture by Geoff Pugh       19/2/2011Julian J SmithOn/Off A/W          picture by Geoff Pugh       19/2/2011Julian J SmithOn/Off A/W          picture by Geoff Pugh       19/2/2011Julian J SmithOn/Off A/W          picture by Geoff Pugh       19/2/2011Julian J SmithOn/Off A/W          picture by Geoff Pugh       19/2/2011Julian J Smith
Photography Geoff Pugh.

Julian J Smith drew an impressive crowd to his autumn/winter 11 show at On|Off this season.

The collection featured contrasting textures of leather, wool, crochet and patent which were layered against a palette of grey, black and blood wine red with splashes of teal.

Huge platform buckled biker rock boots added a harder, gothic rock edge to the look, along with patent leather panels which were used to dissect dresses in the collection. Key pieces included a floor length wine red dress, with printed front and back panels and a textured dress made of grey wool, black leather and teal panels with black crochet overlay.

Julian J Smith told FashionBite backstage before the show: “I’m known for bold graphic prints, but in this collection the prints have been muted down. I have used darker tones and the collection has a gothic, twisted feel. I was inspired by films such as Sleepy Hollow and Blair Witch Project. However, I haven’t gone too gothic. The collection still features plenty of colour.”

FashionBite reporters Amy Golding and Emily Seares xxSign-Up To FashionBite’s Weekly News

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