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FASHIONBITE REVIEW – Bravissimo Fitting

FASHIONBITE REVIEW – Bravissimo Fitting

Bravissimo Fitting, FashionBite Review

Bravissimo Fitting, FashionBite Review


I usually hate shopping for underwear. A lingerie buying session for me will be put off as long as feasibly possible and involve trying on half of the shop in three different sizes and usually coming home empty handed.

If you have been blessed with larger assets it can often feel more like a curse. When it comes to buying a bikini the nightmare intensifies as you are faced with tiny triangle shaped tops that you know have more chance of containing you than Berlusconi has of containing his attraction to young girls.

My trip to Bravissimo however was thankfully a far less stressful affair. You are given your own fitter who not only finds your correct bra size- almost by sight alone- but also finds you the best set to suit you all while you relax in their fitting rooms.

My fitter Amina put me at ease straight away and knew without the aid of a measuring tape that the bra I came in wearing was 3 sizes too big at the back and 1-2 cup sizes to small.

She was friendly and helpful without being remotely pushy and found me not only a perfect fitting bra and knickers set but also something I have not owned for a long time- a well fitting bikini set.

There are 7 fitters at the Oxford Circus branch that I visited and they can do up to 8 fits or more a day. So they can help fit almost 60 women in one day- and the large percentage of these will be wearing the wrong bra which not only gives them a bad shape under their clothes but also affects their backs as there is little support in an ill-fitting bra.

Bravissimo is now moving into clothing in a bigger way and will be able to guide customers on how best to dress their shape. This is done in a friendly and easy environment which is a huge help for women who struggle to dress a larger bust.

I would seriously recommend it for anyone who is a D-Cup and above. The ranges are a little more expensive than other high street lingerie retailers but it is worth it for the fit, which if done correctly, will also make it last longer and mean you wear it that much more.

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Emily Seares is an award-winning magazine editor and journalist and the founding editor of FashionBite. She was featured in VOGUE's Digital Powerlist Top 100 and is a quoted style expert for most national newspapers and magazines.

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