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ASOS launches first fully integrated Facebook store

ASOS launches first fully integrated Facebook store

ASOS Facebook Store, FashionBite

ASOS launches first fully integrated Facebook store

Wow, ASOS has taken Facebook to a whole new level and launched a fully integrated Facebook shop at

You can shop ASOS’ entire product range, with around 1,300 new products added each week, just through Facebook now..amazing! If you’re already a member of Facebook, you just get access through your Facebook account by approving the site through the link above.

With 11 million unique visits per month and a following of close to 400,000 on Facebook, ASOS is offering customers the chance to buy, save, share and comment on items without needing to leave Facebook.

ASOS e-Commerce director James Hart says: “I’m delighted to announce the arrival of our Facebook Store; another first from ASOS, and another way for our customers to tailor their ASOS shopping experience. Millions of our users already interact with ASOS through Facebook, commenting on, sharing and discovering new items. Many of those go on to buy something on one of our sites. Our Facebook Store will allow them to do this directly through Facebook.”


I’ve signed up and had a brief look around, it looks a lot like ASOS’ main site but with the added Facebook functions such as ‘Invite Friends.’ The only slightly annoying thing with that is you can’t ‘Select All,’ you have to just invite 16 friends at a time. The site also takes a few seconds to load after searching for something, so runs slightly slower that ASOS’ main site.

But the great thing is, it is a truly social shopping experience…and ASOS are again leading the way in innovative social media..congrats!!

FashionBite xx

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