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Ultimate Detox – The 10 Day Body Blitz

Ultimate Detox – The 10 Day Body Blitz

The Organic Pharmacy Ok, so I’ve tried a lot of detox plans in the past: Gillian McKeith’s 3 day detox where you barely leave the bathroom (!)-I don’t recommend; Carole Vorderman’s month long detox plan which is v.healthy but seriously restricting and impossible to stick to; and the ‘I’ll only drink hot water/lemon for 3 days’..again, impossible in practise when the thing of work/boyfriend or a life gets in your way!

So, it’s with joy that I’m attempting a new detox plan for 2011 and one which will hopefully be a lot easier to stick to.

I’ve also decided to combine this detox with the best bits of other beauty/health plans which I’ve tried over the years to provide FashionBite’s Guide to the Ultimate Detox.

The detox I’m trying is with The Organic Pharmacy and lasts for 10 days- so just about doable time-wise!

If you’re feeling flush, you can go all out and buy the full detox kit for £140, but you can also buy 2 key parts separately: Detox-Colon Cleanse and Gut Repair Capsules and Liver and Kidney Drops. Personally, I’m happy with the digestive system and liver/kidney detox so the two are sufficient for me and come in at just under £38 together.

I started the detox yesterday- you take 3 detox capsules in the morning, 3 at night and liver/kidney drops 3 times a day. I’m combining this with the GI Diet which is a healthy eating plan-not a diet per se, but if you do it properly you’ll look great, your skin will look amazing and you do lose weight (if that’s what you’re after).

The GI diet is based around eating wholegrains, veg, fruit, lean meats, fish..not rocket science but it really works, particularly if you’ve over done it on the cheese and booze at Christmas. You can eat every kind of food, there are no restrictions, it just has to be a certain type e.g. stoneground bread rather than white bread, wholemeal pasta rather than white pasta..etc.

For more info on the GI Diet see FashionBite’s post Kick-Start Summer Part I: GI Diet.

Alongside The Organic Pharmacy capsules, I’m taking effervescent Berocca and Echinacea tablets every day to boost my immune system. The big dose of vitamins from the Berocca is also great for tired skin.


* Diet– Follow the GI Diet (as above)

* Exercise x3 sessions a week. One to include Bikram yoga– a hatha-style yoga in a hot room for 90 minutes-you see incredible results even after just a handful of sessions and it completely detoxes the skin as well as toning the body. I did my first session tonight and it was hardcore- it’s more about staying in the room than pushing yourself in the poses for the first few sessions- but once you’ve mastered the heat you feel absolutely incredible after each session. I haven’t done it for 3 months though, hence feeling like sh*t today!

* Sleep-ensure you get at least 8 hours. Along with diet and exercise, sleep is also a key factor in mental health and stress levels. If, like me, you find it difficult to unwind- try deep breathing exercises/meditation and a hot, relaxing bath with candles and oils before bed. Good diet and exercise will also improve the quality of sleep you get.

* Sleep is also a key factor in improving skin tone, along with tons of water (also v.important when detoxing!). Bikram Yoga can have a huge impact on skintone as it completely purges the body of toxins.

* Body Brushing is another crucial thing to detoxing, but it’s also something worth doing all year round. I’ve tried lots of different body brushes and the best I’ve found is The Body Shop’s Body Brush Round, £7. If you work the backs of your thighs, inner thighs, bum and any other problem cellulite areas you see a marked improvement in skin tone with The Body Shop brush, the bristles are v.hard so it really massages into the skin.

* Facial Oils are another thing I’ve come to love recently. Forest Skincare’s i-Rejuvenate facial oils are fab (not cheap) but really give your skin a fresh, youthful glow. Elemis also has some gorgeous facial oils on offer, for more info- see FashionBite’s post Elemis Skin Bliss Capsules – The Perfect Winter Pick-Me-Up.

So, I’ve now kick-started my New Year’s Detox, I’ll you keep you posted on how it goes!

FashionBite xx

Emily Seares is an award-winning magazine editor and journalist and the founding editor of FashionBite. She was featured in VOGUE's Digital Powerlist Top 100 and is a quoted style expert for most national newspapers and magazines.

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  • Was interested to read about the Body Shop body brush. I’ve had one lying around for ages but never got round to using it. Out of interest – do you use it before or after or during a shower? And also, how do you clean yours?


  • fashionbite

    Hey Emily, I use it after the shower and really work the backs of my thighs/bum/inside legs in circular motions towards the heart (which is meant to work in line with the blood stream or something)
    Re: cleaning, I just rinse it under the doesn’t really get dirty as I use it when I’ve just cleaned. x


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