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Woolenstocks to launch outdoor boots for winter

Woolenstocks to launch outdoor boots for winter

Woolenstocks Woolenstocks Woolenstocks, the odd-ball brand which makes hand-crafted felt/wool slippers, has branched out into outdoor boots for autumn/winter.

This footwear brand is definitely for the quirky amongst you, just read the description on its homepage (!). It’s shoes are named Boo Boos, Longy Koo and Woogos..amongst others!

I popped to their press day this week to take a look at the new range.

I like the bold blue/red colours of the boots- good for Christmas and the fake fur boobles are great fun. This is the first time the brand has produced a full range of outdoor boots and they will sell for around the £80 mark.

Each of its indoor felt/wool slippers (below) are handmade- so all individual- and they take around 40 hours to make.


I don’t own a pair, so I can’t tell you how they feel- but if you have a pair of Uggs..Emu’s..etc, I’m sure you get the picture. If you’re fed-up of Ugg’s though and looking for something a bit different, they’re definitely worth a look.

The collection is due to launch online at in a few weeks time.

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