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ESPA 24 Hour Eye Complex: Beauty product de jour

ESPA 24 Hour Eye Complex: Beauty product de jour

ESPA 24-Hour-Eye-Complex ESPA’s 24 Hour Eye Complex cream/gel is such a fab product- for male or female- I’ve found it really helps reduce puffy eyes, fine lines and dark circles…perfect if you work and play hard!

It’s also really hydrating on my skin, rich in plant extracts and essentials oils such as neroli, frankincense, patchouli and cell regenerating ginkgo biloba, it tightens and firms once applied…it really feels like it’s working! A lot of the time fine lines appear due to dehydration, so this deals with both problems, as well as firming and plumping at the same time.

What I love about the Eye Complex as well is its size. Why do we spend so much on eye creams and they come in such little tubs??? You can purchase 15ml for £24 or 35ml for £42, but you really do get your money’s worth. I’ve got the 35ml size and it’s massive and has lasted for months.

I’ve slightly obsessed with eye creams at the moment and love trying new products, but this one is definitely well worth the money and you won’t need to buy another one until next year!

You can buy it online at

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  • carole

    hi i am looking to buy the espa 24hr replenishing eye moisturiser but the old style int he red bottle not the new white bottles do you have stock of the old style? thanks


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