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WIN: Luxury manicure/massage for FashionBite readers

WIN: Luxury manicure and massage for FashionBite readers EXCLUSIVE TO FASHIONBITE READERS


Indulge yourself with a luxurious manicure and ultra pampering hand massage at a UK salon of your choice.

Simply answer this question:

What nail colour can’t you live without?

Personally, I love Illamasqua’s shocking neon pink Collide- looks fab on toes for the summer and great with a tan.

Simply post your answer in the comment box below to be in with a chance of winning.

A winner will be picked at random on Monday August 23.

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  1. Alison says:

    Particulière by Chanel

  2. Bobby says:

    “Ruby Red, looks great on me! suits my lovely tanned body and so very sexy no matter what i wear.”

  3. Sarah says:

    Azure blue

  4. carla says:

    french manicure!

  5. Suzanne Stevens says:

    My favourite is Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous by O.P.I
    I love the metallic, sparkly look.


    Mermaid by L’oreal

  7. emma minors says:


  8. Sarah L says:

    OPI Nails Moon Over Mumbai Silver Grey Nail Lacquer – goes well with everything and I love the subtle shimmer

  9. Michelle Weston says:

    Baby Doll Pink

  10. sam says:

    Any colour – that anyone else paints on me!

  11. Dawn grant says:

    Bright…like me!

  12. Karen says:

    Dior transluciant pearl

  13. toni quandt says:

    i can’t live without burgundy!

  14. Nicola Seary says:


  15. Julie says:

    Dragon by Chanel – gorgeous bright red!

  16. Isvari Halai says:

    I cant live without the good old clear

  17. FionaLynne Edwards says:

    At the moment – Turquoise Blue!

  18. JULIA GRAY says:

    French manicure shades for me… ooh and a gorgeous bluey purple metallic

  19. Leah says:

    Coral-The perfect colour to compliment a tan!!!

  20. Helen S says:

    Nails Inc Henrietta Street Nail Polish, it looks lush on toe nails in the sand

  21. vikki says:

    Pale pink, I love a french tip!

  22. sindy says:

    anything sparkly

  23. Sean Brady says:

    Midnight blue with silver spots

  24. Lucy Williams says:


  25. Lucy Williams says:

    Ruby Red

  26. Catherine says:

    Clear! Of course! Wearable at any time for any function!

  27. Ceri Morgan says:

    A mid-red polish, on short square nails. Great for all seasons, all outfits and makes you feel like a million dollars !

  28. Angie Skinner says:

    South Molton Street (Nails Inc)
    Goes with everything, always!!!

  29. Nina Miller says:

    Pillar box red

  30. Kelly MD says:

    It has to be Chanel Rouge Noir. It goes with everything, and even looks quite chic when heavily chipped. Or so I tell myself.

  31. Angela Walker says:


  32. clare cogan turner says:

    clear… it goes with everything!

  33. Julie says:

    Bright pink, very summery!

  34. Abigail Dale says:

    I would have said hot pink not long ago but I am now in love with a grey nail polish. I feel that it makes me look stylish and its different to other people as most use pastels or bright colours!

  35. HAZEL G says:

    Azure blue

  36. Misty says:

    Black 🙂

  37. Sarah says:

    No7 Paparazzi – it was limited edition and can’t get it anymore so trying to make my one pot last. It is a clear tint with rainbow dust mixed in. Adds a sparkle to any colour or just subtle on its on.

  38. melody says:

    jermyn street, i love it!

  39. Astrid James says:


  40. Danielle Adams says:

    Teal Green!

  41. Karen Donald says:


  42. Lori D says:

    Black – I’m just an old Goth at heart

  43. Sally-Ann says:

    Black Grape – it suits everything but unfortunately has been discontinued 🙁 so I definitely need cheering up!

  44. Jen Rogers says:

    Germyn Street – Lovely Jubly!

  45. Rebecca says:

    Even though I’m a silver girl at heart, I can’t live without GOLD nail varnish at the moment! It goes great with a tan and can look a million dollars if you choose the right shade!

  46. katherine grieve says:


  47. Pamela Cook says:

    Sounds pathetic but I love clear varnish as in a French manicure!

  48. Heather Shaw says:

    very light purple

  49. Cat McKell says:

    Anything glittery

  50. Caroline Waugh says:

    Essie – Ballet Slipper.

    sleek, groomed and very french

  51. susan cunningham says:

    Black ever since Madonna wore the colour many years ago. I simply adore it.

  52. Christine Moncrieff says:


  53. Claire lawrence says:

    Glittery, shimmery silver!

  54. Mary Lucking says:

    I prefer French manicure

  55. Stephanie says:

    It’s hard to say, I like most colors!

  56. Julie B says:

    Pink, pink and umm pink

  57. Natalie Smith says:

    A light shade of pink

  58. Charlotte says:

    A lovely pale pink

  59. Amanda Floyd says:

    Bright Pink!!

  60. Maya Russell says:

    Pale, glossy pink.

  61. Julie Johnson says:

    ooh let me think, as there are so many as I paint my toenails a different colour every two days, maybe my chocolate colour, as it is so shiny and fab

  62. Natalie Goatley says:

    Neon Pink…Love it 😉 xxxxxxx

  63. Chanel Le Vernis Nail Color Colour Polish Red Dream

  64. Sarah Arnett says:

    Clear – its a must have to keep nails looking shiny!

  65. Rebecca Ball says:


  66. Fiona says:


  67. Jessica Bradley says:

    French manicure – it goes with everything!

  68. Kelly West says:

    Revlon – Cherries in the Snow!

  69. Anthea Holloway says:

    Pink – if it is pink then it will definitely suit me!

  70. claire woods says:

    French manicure is the poshest one. I always envy people who’ve had this done. You should see my short stumpy nails!

  71. Jackie Curran says:


  72. Lucy Wright-Booth says:

    Max Factor nailfinity is the best – it never chips! My favourite colour is Ruby Fruit!

  73. Faye Oliver says:

    smoking hot red baby!!

  74. Silvia says:

    Glossy clear

  75. Stephanie says:

    Barry M – Mushroom

  76. SARAH J SCOTT says:


  77. Lisa Hughes says:

    Lime green!

  78. Rachel Fenney says:

    I like to have a french manicure – nice and clean looking

  79. Lisa Franklin says:


  80. Nancy Bradford says:


  81. Julie Thomas says:

    Sunset Orange! Totally fab for summer

  82. Christina says:

    Dragon by Chanel – soooooo sexy!!!

  83. Kate Cartwright says:

    I love coral because it’s bright and always looks gorgeous in the summer

  84. Paul Marshall says:


  85. Danielle says:

    Champagne (doesn’t stain nails!)

  86. Lucy says:

    White for giving the illusion of nail tips!

  87. Caroline Eccles says:

    hot pink 🙂

  88. Rebecca says:

    hot pink!

  89. Maria Reilly says:


  90. Dawn Chapman says:

    clear varnish, it goes with everything and makes my nails look clean and healthy.

  91. Laura Pritchard says:

    Black…it goes with everything & looks so shiny.

  92. Emily says:

    a really pale pink that doesn’t look bad when it gets chipped!

  93. linda wiles says:

    Pale pink for everyday wear

  94. Laura Kilby says:

    Pro Manicure Nail Polish -Drama Queen by L’oreal

  95. JULIE PANNELL says:


  96. Linda Hine says:

    A lovely bright red – on finger and toe nails!

  97. Jennifer Keenan says:


  98. Chantelle says:

    I can’t live without pale gold because it makes my nails shiny and it goes with everything!

  99. Donna Ford says:

    Pillar box red – sexy but classy

  100. Anne-Marie says:

    It’s got to be OPI Russian Navy

    Thanks 😀

  101. lucy vassallo says:


  102. Hannah Barrett says:

    NSI Coral Pink!!!

  103. cf225 says:

    Bright pink. It always makes my hands look nicer

  104. Chrissi says:

    pale pink

  105. Carrie-ann says:

    I love Barry M ‘Mushroom’ a fab dupe of Chanel!

  106. Fiona Jesson says:


  107. zoe allen says:

    My favourite colour changes monthly at the mo lol but for now its rimmel 60 second in pompous a) because the colour is gorgeous and b) the name is fab !

  108. Charlotte Hoskins says:

    I like Bubblicious by Maybelline. It’s a hot pink colour, and makes me feel cheery. No expensive price tag either : )

  109. Amanda Barrett says:

    I can’t live without my French Polish

  110. victoria haynes says:

    bright red. i have a million and one other shades, but as soon as i put it on and before it has dried off it comes and the old faithfull is back

  111. Lindsey Johnston says:

    Pink to make the boys wink 🙂

  112. anita adams says:

    Pillar box RED !!

  113. anita adams says:

    Lilac to match my eyes !

  114. Elaine Taylor says:

    Purple on toes

  115. Sarah Williams says:

    sugar daddy by Essie a lovely sublte baby pink colour.

  116. Erica Price says:

    pale pink – I like a natural look

  117. Julie says:


  118. karen says:

    Submarine Grey!

  119. Maggie B says:

    Pink of course

  120. Jane Johnson says:

    Black Cherry

  121. Laura Hadland says:

    Teal – there are so many lovely shades around at the moment.

  122. Linday Meadows says:

    Pink a Doodle by OPI

  123. Susan Tierney says:

    rimmel – velvet rose

  124. Kristina Browning says:

    french manicure

  125. KATRINA says:

    Dragon red by Chanel, it looks great on my tootsies!

  126. Rachel Scanlan says:


  127. jenny swann says:

    french manicure always looks good

  128. Claire Nelson says:

    Clear for every day as it does not matter so much if I chip it (which happens a lot with my job!) and then a nice pale pink for special occasions.

  129. Nicola says:

    Black ;]

  130. tracey says:

    I love Uniform Blue by Rococo! It looks great with a tan.

  131. Victoria Smith says:

    I love nude shades at the moment – pinks & greiges

  132. Sarah says:

    blue does it for my must have along with lots of other colours because I wear a lot of denim & a blue on my nails seem to set the style of.

  133. Alison S says:

    Rimnel 60 Seconds Coralicious (430)

    Lovely colour and dries quickly

  134. andrea addington says:


  135. Suzanne sendell says:


  136. Daniella Abraham says:

    I couldn’t live without bright red, its timeless and my staple colour.

  137. Katy says:

    This is v.boring but black – instantly vamps up an outfit

  138. tracy pearson says:


  139. David Baxter says:


  140. felicity morris says:


  141. Emma Munnik says:

    I can not live without my cajun shrimp on my toe nails, its fab ! x

  142. Matt Brooks says:

    Sorry but its got to be pink !!

  143. Danielle Graves says:

    I’m normally a purple kind of girl but I recently got a Zoya nail polish in Suvi and its gorgeous.

  144. leanne phillips says:

    I could not live without the classic blood red no matter what you are doing it livens up any look…

  145. kuli lombardelli says:


  146. Cathy MacLennan says:

    I love my purple nail varnish!

  147. Jo says:

    There are so many!!! If I had to choose it would be Brand New Skates by OPI, but their Nail Envy which is a clear basecoat is my Desert Island Product.

  148. Michelle Hammond says:

    Black, with glitter in – perfect on short nails!

  149. Donna Denton says:

    A nice peachy colour

  150. Kerry says:

    Dark Red

  151. Sarah T says:


  152. Silver ! —- I love the way it freaks my grandchildren out whenever they see me wearing it !

  153. Terri Fox says:

    french manicure!

  154. Angie says:

    it’s got to be classic red!!

  155. Sarah Rees says:

    Pink !!

  156. emma holder says:


  157. Ruth Cusworth says:


  158. Karina Braekkan says:

    I love Turquoise, especially the one by Barry M. It just looks fantastic with a summer tan!

  159. Paula Claridge says:

    Blood red

  160. Lisa says:

    pink and glittery is a must!

  161. Lisa says:

    pink and glittery is a must


    Manicure Couture nail polish duo – Y–Conique

  163. Emma says:

    Gotta be my sexy bright red for the flase nail effect (even though mine are real!)

  164. Dee says:

    My favourite is French manicure pink – I’m not supposed to wear nail varnish at work, but this looks so natural I can get away with it, and it makes my nails look groomed and healthy.

  165. Domphen says:

    Has to be glorious black!!!

  166. Nessa says:

    Grape purple!!!! There’s one by MAC that actually smells like grapes 😀

  167. Ruby red – I feel so sexy with it on my toe nails.

  168. n parker says:

    Bright red – sexy :0)

  169. Victoria says:

    OPI LuckyLucky Lavender

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