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Bourjois Rose Exclusif lip gloss: Product Review

Bourjois Rose Exclusif lip gloss: Product Review

Bourjois Rose Exclusif lip gloss Bourjois is due to launch a new shade-enhancing lipgloss next month, Rose Exclusif.

The gloss has a lovely fruity smell (I’m a sucker for fruity glosses!) but the clever thing is that it reacts to your own personal pH levels and turns a unique shade of pink depending on the wearer.

You paint it on as a transparent gloss and in a few seconds it slowly turns your own personal shade of pink. Shades vary from pale to bold pink.

I applied the gloss and after a few seconds my lips turned a bold fuscia pink, which suprisingly I quite like. I don’t normally wear bright lipsticks/glosses but I actually like the colour of this gloss. I also like the non-sticky texture and added shine.

Bourjois says ‘It suits the wearer because the pH of each woman, like her DNA, is unique. Rose Exclusif self-adjusts into a personalised shade of pink.’

The lip gloss launches nationwide in August, £6.99. You can pick it up from Boots or any Bourjois stockist.

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  • devika

    pls explain the full form of pH and what’s a relation for DNA, reply pls

  • fashionbite

    The gloss reacts to moisture/pH levels in the lips and changes colour depending on the level of moisture. With reference to DNA, this was a quote from Bourjois (not me!)- they seem to be using it to highlight how an individual has their own unique response to the lipgloss, as it turns a shade of pink personal to them. The comparison with DNA merely implies this unique quality. It is highly unlikely that every shade will be completely unique to the one person though (as in DNA) but I’m sure this is something you can take up with Bourjois if you have further questions…


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