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Gili Trawangan- the fashionable new Ibiza…?

Gili Trawangan- the fashionable new Ibiza…?

Gili Trawangan So, I’ve been really lax about updating over the last week… as you’ve probably gathered- but for good reason.

I’ve just spent the last week on a beautiful island off the east coast of Bali called Gili Trawangan, it’s absolutely stunning!!

An article in The Guardian describes: ‘Just as Ibiza’s halcyon days were in the early 60s (when the first wave of beatniks arrived) and the late 80s (when acid house exploded), this tiny island off the north-west of larger Lombok is shaking off its reputation as a backpacker hangout and starting to register with a hip crowd from Asia and Europe.

‘”The scene is quite raw, unpretentious and hedonistic, with stylish bars, vibrant nightlife, a hip hotel or two and very decent diving. Designers from Hong Kong and fashionistas from Tokyo mix with travellers from the UK, scuba nuts and Indonesian creative types..’

The picture of me above is at Sunset bar, where you drink Bintang (the local beer) and watch the sunset whilst dancing to an eclectic mix of dance/reggae-style music.

The island has no police or motorised transport- you get around on horse and carts, bikes or by foot. The people are amazing and so friendly- a mix of travellers, local Indonesians, families looking for that alternative holiday and young couples. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday is party night (a different bar each night)- the atmosphere is amazing, with travellers and locals partying together and people spilling out on to the roads and beaches.

I spent five nights in Gili Trawangan, a night in Bali either side and now back in Singapore…back to London on Friday!

If you’re looking for the new paradise, I can’t recommend the island enough..I’m already planning next year!

fashionbite xx

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