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Happy Easter!

Ok, so you’re probably munching on your eighth chocolate egg and healthy eating is the last thing on your mind..!

Healthy eating, exercise, detox, GI diet…umm..but it somehow feels better to start planning now, as I bite into some more chocolate!

Seriously though, the GI diet (if you haven’t heard of it) is the best diet I’ve ever been on- more like a healthy way of eating than a diet. It’s the only time I’m guarateed to lose weight, but I’m also never hungry and my skin is clear. After a few days I also stop craving sugar and chocolate-brilliant!

The GI diet stands for glycemic index, which measures sugar levels in the bloodstream/body. This can peak and trough depending on what type of foods you eat, e.g. white bread, pasta, sweets will all give you a sharp rise in blood sugar, but you’ll also get a fall about half an hour later which leads to cravings and over-eating.

However, with the GI diet, the idea is to eat wholegrains, wholemeal pasta and low GI foods which keep your blood sugar levels steady throughout the day, so you don’t overeat and cravings diminish. It’s a simple concept but it genuinely works, I can’t recommend it highly enough. You also get to eat all types of food, as long as they’re just the right kind e.g. you can eat bread, but it must be wholemeal and stoneground, or potatoes but they must be new potatoes.

It’s definitely worth investing in the book, you can pick it up for under £3 at Amazon, it’s called The GI Diet. It’s also got some fab recipes, so you’ll never get bored!

I’m going on it properly again from tomorrow- so I need to finish off all the chocolate today…!

Let me know what you think.

fashionbite xx

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