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New trainer for women adapts to time of the month

New trainer for women adapts to time of the month

Japanese designers have launched a new running shoe for women which adapts shape to suit their hormone levels.

The Asics GEL-KAYANO 16 trainer (comes in white, gold and black) has special cushioning which expands and contracts to adapt to changing hormones levels.

The idea is based on research which indicates that changing levels of oestrogen affect flexibility and the height of the foot’s arch. So the foam padding expands and contracts to fit in with this.

The GEL-KAYANO 16 isn’t the cheapest trainer on the market at £120 a pair, but if you’re a serious runner I imagine you’d be investing in a decent pair anyway.

For more info and to find your nearest stockist, check out Asics website.

Podiatrist and Asics consultant Simon Bartold told the Daily Mail Online: “For many years, female athletes have been left a little in the cold, because footwear was basically designed and engineered for men.

“This is curious, because at the last count, there were more female runners than men.

“We have been focussing on the effect of oestrogen, the primary female sex hormone, on tissue compliance or stretchability. The results of this research were quite profound and enable us to understand how the major soft tissues, tendons, ligaments and muscle adapt under the effect of oestrogen over a 28-day cycle.”

Asics footwear product manager Liz Austen added: “The cushioning is slightly softer, which helps with support but also makes the shoe a bit more flexible.”

What do you think, would you pay £120 for a pair….?

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