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Purity Cosmetics: mineral make-up review

Purity Cosmetics: mineral make-up review

I must confess, I’m a bit of a mineral make-up virgin but thought I’d give it a go. Mineral make-up, for all you newbies out there like me, is made up of a variety of minerals (as the name would imply)- such as titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, iron oxide, mica and ultra marine blue and usually comes in loose, powder form which can be applied using a brush or foam puff.

Benefits include: it acts as a foundation, concealer and powder so is fantastic values for money, it covers up fine lines and blemishes; the formula is light, doesn’t clog your pores (great for sensitive skin) and gives you a soft matte finish which lasts all day. I can’t believe I’ve never tried it!

I’ve been sent a few products by online mineral make-up firm Purity Cosmetics, so here are my thoughts…

Purity Cosmetics ticks all the boxes ingredients-wise, it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals, fillers or parabens- which some brands can (always check the ingredients list on the back!). I was amazed at how little you need for flawless coverage. I just sprinkled a small amount on the back on my hand, brushed it on to my face with a powder foam and it immediately smoothed into a matte finish which just glided on. It doesn’t create a heavy, cakey foundation-look which is fantastic- but if you want a heavier base for a night out you can just keep applying until you’re happy with the look.

Purity also offers a range of mineral powder blushers and eyeshadows, which are applied using the same technique. You literally just need a few sprinkes of the eyeshadow and it looks incredible. It glides on leaving a professional, glossy finish, no cakey bits in the corner and it lasts all day. And the best bit, the eyeshadows (which come in a range of colours) only cost £3.50..I was amazed at the price points for the standard of the product. The foundation costs £12.99, which is great if you consider it’s 3 products on one!

Conclusion: I’m a convert! I was incredibly impressed with the finish the powder foundation created..and it lasted all day without feeling caked on. I would give it 9.5 out of 10 for value, quality and lasting.

There is a huge range of mineral make-up brands out there, for more info Marie-Claire has done a fab review of some the top 10 brands.

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  • that’s nice, where i can buy them ?

  • fashionbite

    You can buy on their website at….

  • good post……………..

  • Patricia

    I have been a wholesale client of 100% Pure for over 5 years. They make fantastic products. That being said their customer service is atrocious! I have never placed an order with them that has gone smoothly. Most recently I placed an order that was first forgotten for over two weeks, then charged my account twice for the same order, then when I finally did recieve my order it was only half correct. Through this entire experience, my slaes associate has avoided my calls and ignored my emails. Every time I call I’m told she is “in a meeting” or has left for the day. I will no longer recommend this product line to my clients, students, or friends and family. It’s simply not worth the headache.


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