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Dove’s winter treats

Dove’s winter treats

dove hand cream I wouldn’t normally dedicate a post to a hand cream, but Dove’s new Regenerating Night beauty hand cream is so fantastic- just had to flag it up! You can buy it online at Chemist Direct for just over £2 and it really works. It’s a blend of nourishing micro-capsules and soothing honey with a gorgeous scent which is meant to ‘calm your senses.’ Rub it into your hands before bed, it’s fast absorbing and works whilst you sleep. When I wake up in the morning my hands feel so soft to’s a great cream and doesn’t cost the earth!

On the subject of Dove, it’s also recently brought out a body lotion which looks fab on your skin for a night out. Dove’s supreme silk beauty body lotion gives skin a luxurious, silky feeling and contains light reflecting particles which give it a natural shimmering glow. I use it on top of Dove’s summer glow tinted moisturiser- which is great on winter skin. Fake tans can sometimes look too obvious in the winter, when skin’s naturally quite pale, but tinted moisturisers add a bit of colour without looking like you’ve faked it. You can buy online at or a gift set at

For an intense body moisturiser, Vaseline has also brought out a new body gel with aloe vera which cools and refreshes the’s perfect for after a workout. vaseline You can buy online at Superdrug.

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