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Fitness they work?

Fitness they work?

sketchers 1 I find myself less and less inclined to go to the gym in the winter months- as the nights draw in I just want to be sat in front of the TV in my pyjamas with a glass of wine! With that in mind, I thought this is the perfect time to trial a few fitness shoe brands- which claim to tone muscle, reduce cellulite, boost posture and burn calories..all on your way to work..! I’ve been trialling Sketchers Shape-ups and the Fitflop Gogh (see below).

You can buy both from online shoe store Rubbersole, visit it at

MBT also has a great range of fitness shoes.
skechers-shape-ups fitflops_gogh
I’ve been wearing the Sketchers trainers walking to work, running around London all day from one meeting to the next and even to press days..which gets a few funny looks! They’re not exactly fashion items, but they don’t look too bad under black trousers or teamed with some chunky black can just pop on your heels when you get to work.

The Sketchers trainers are incredibly comfortable, your feet sink into them with every step and the multi-layered sole gives extra cushioning and a bounce to your step…but do they actually work? The shoes claim to get you into shape, without having to go to the gym! Having worn them non-stop for the last few weeks, I can definitely say they work..but I don’t think they should replace a gym workout altogether! My legs and bum feel more toned and the skin texture on the back of my legs appears smoother, it doesn’t get rid of cellulite completely but I can definitely see an improvement.

As for calorie burning, you can feel your legs being worked a lot harder just from walking- but when you walk up and down can really feel the difference! I’ve been setting myself challenges like always walking up escalators at tube’s not too bad in the shoes because your feet are cushioned- but when you get to the top you can really feel the it’s definitely doing the job!

Having said that, I haven’t felt as dramatic a difference when wearing the Fitflop Gogh (inspired by the clogg) although I’ve been wearing the shoes more around the house and locally-rather than into town. Your feet aren’t as cushioned as in the Shape-ups, but they still feel good to walk in. Fitflops specialise in a great range of summer items, such as flip-flops, which are fantastic for City-breaks where you’ll be doing a lot of walking…although I’m not too sure about their fashion flops 2

So..the conclusion for fitness footwear…I’d give Sketchers a 9, I don’t think I could live without them now! Also, because they’re so comfy to walk in- I find myself getting off the bus a stop early to walk back..just to get some more walking time in. With the Fitflops, I’d probably give them a 7, although I can’t compare like-for-like, I didn’t feel they gave me quite the comfy workout that the Sketchers did.

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  • I’m hooked on fitness footwear. I started by wearaing samdals in the summer but now I’m wearing the boots. They’ve really helped my restless leg syndrome.


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