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Nude’s probiotic skincare..

Nude’s probiotic skincare..

nude skincare

There’s a fab skincare range called Nude, you can buy it online at I’ve been using the age defence moisturiser which is fantastic on my skin and I love the packaging-it’s matt and so soft to touch!! It’s not the packaging..I know, I’s what’s inside that really counts- but this range does not disappoint! The moisturiser I’ve been using took three years to develop and is a combination of orchid/ manketti oil to moisturise the skin and hyaluronic acid to reduce fine lines and wrinkles-it’s also thrown in some natural pre and probiotics for good measure. The result is a light anti-ageing cream that really works! I often find traditional anti-ageing moisturisers can be too heavy/greasy for my skin and can bring me out in spots.

Also, for that extra boost (especially in the winter months) add Nude’s deep cleansing mask to the mix for your weekly skin boost- relax back in the bath for 10 minutes and let the cream do the work.


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  • Tracie

    I’ve been taking probiotic suplements for years and swear by them. Its very refreshing to see companies come out with prebiotic and probiotic products for our largest organ in our body, our skin!

    Nude has a fantastic product line and I recently found another that has products that complete my regime. In addition to Nude, I also use products from SK1N Probiotic Systems. Their Serum, Night cream and their Day cream (with a 30 SPF) are fantastic!

  • fashionbite

    Hi Tracie, thanks for the comment. Agreed! I take probiotic drinks daily and swear by them-great to see a product range that complements. Sk1N sounds great, will have to try it out.

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