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Gemsta unveiled..

Gemsta unveiled..

Gemsta 1Gemsta 2Gemsta 3gemsta 4gemsta 5gemsta 6gemsta 7gemsta 8 is visually fascinating. Whether you love it or loathe it, it’s certainly pioneering a new way to shop online. However, not just a shopping’s also a 3D search destination with links to Google, Yahoo and pretty much every other search engine out there. You can shop, search, compare..and even send postcards to friends from the different islands! The company hopes in the future that Gemsta will be set as everyone’s homepage..big ambition!

The website will launch this Friday (initially with just the shopping island) in time for the Christmas rush. The other three islands (entertainment, travel and discovery) are scheduled to go live early next year. The shopping island will launch with over 500 retailers, such as French Connection and Kurt Geiger, who are featuring in 50 different 3D shopping environments based on real-life places, such as Sunset Boulevard. Shoppers will be able to amble down the virtual streets, then click on a specific store which will lead them directly to the retailer’s website to buy the product.

Gemsta is the brainchild of Richard Laing and a team of architects from Prime, the architecture and property development firm, who have used their skills in constructing buildings to develop an incredibly advanced 3D search and shopping tool. I could spend hours detailing all the various aspects of the new website…but i’ll leave it to you to discover for yourselves on Friday..let me know your thoughts!

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