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Champagne In The Clouds: Searcys Diamond Brunch November 29, 2018

Champagne In The Clouds: Searcys Diamond Brunch

WHAT? A four-course brunch with 360-degree views, at the very top of The Gherkin, one of London’s most iconic landmarks. Oh, and the chance to find a £1000 diamond. No biggie. WHERE? Right in the heart of bankerland, you’ll see some of the city’ more »

REVIEW: Rascals, Shoreditch June 26, 2018

REVIEW: Rascals, Shoreditch

WHAT? Boasting “the ONLY fully waterproof dining room in London”, this is a restaurant for super fun, super millennial weekending – and it’s 50% vegan to boot. WHERE? In association with cocktail bar cum ball pit Ballie more »