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Alternative Festive Feasts: Donald Russell Butchers

donald russell butchers

The meat’s generally dry and your oven’s barely big enough – there are plenty of reasons to forego the traditional battle with the big bird and try a different (but still show-stopping) meat this Christmas.

We were lucky enough to sample a stunning cut of meat from Donald Russell butchers in Scotland, using their online service to get hold of the Great Taste Award-winning Easy Carve Carvery Rib Roast. The thought of not having to lug a turkey through the supermarket, into an Uber and up the stairs to our flat was enticing enough, but a few minutes looking around the website was enough to convince us never to return to the old way of doing things.

donald russell butchers

We selected the Easy Carve Rib Roast, a stunning hunk of meat (bone-in, it’s £53 for 2.5kg) – the meat arrived within a day, handily packed in futuristic dry ice to keep it completely fresh. We served it up with Marmite roast potatoes, parsnips and garlicky collard greens, the meat literally falling off the bone, making things super easy when it was time to carve. The flavours were incredible, meltingly soft meat soaking up the gravy (and enough to feed eight people, with more left over for a superb curry the next day). Much pricier than nipping down to Saino’s, but infinitely better quality – this is a special treat for a special occasion.

Other options that’d work well for a festive dinner party or alternative Christmas day include an indulgent Beef Wellington (a combination of beef fillet with duxelle mushrooms, tarragon and flaky puff pastry) or slow-cooked beef shin (already slow-cooked by Donald Russell for 13 hours, bringing intense tenderness to the meat, and allowing for simple finishing off in your own oven from frozen). We loved our experience of using the site and would definitely recommend it for your fanciest festive event.

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