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INTERVIEW: Celebrity Make-up Artist Val Garland On Her Beauty Secrets

INTERVIEW: Celebrity Make-up Artist Val Garland On Her Top Beauty Tips, FashionBite

Val Garland is an absolute legend in the make-up world, there isn’t a celebrity, magazine or designer she hasn’t worked with (from Lady Gaga to Kate Moss, Kendall Jenner to Marc Jacobs…you name it) and she’s a regular at all the Fashion Weeks.

I caught up with her backstage at London Fashion Week to find out her top secrets to keeping youthful looking skin and if there any beauty products she can’t live without.


VG. “If you want to look like you’re perfectly polished and have that youthful glow, it’s about preparation and working your canvas. You need to use a good serum, good moisturiser and make sure you invest in a great foundation. Choose a foundation that works best for you and your skin type, it doesn’t have to be expensive.”

INTERVIEW: Celebrity Make-up Artist Val Garland On Her Top Beauty Tips

Val Garland’s Tools Of The Trade


VG. “If you want to keep skin looking really fresh and young, just use foundation where you need to. Cover up imperfections, but keep cheekbones very real and natural. Dab some moisturiser on to your cheeks to make your cheekbones look more athletic and toned.”


VG. “I would also advise grooming your eyebrows. When you’re younger you have lovely bushy eyebrows, but sometimes as you mature they get a little sparse. So get yourself some good pencils and really groom those brows. It’s not about an insta-brow, it’s about a real brow. Get some good brow gel and get a good pencil which matches the colour of your eyebrows.”

INTERVIEW: Celebrity Make-up Artist Val Garland On Her Top Beauty Tips

Val Hard At Work, Backstage At London Fashion Week


VG. “I do use a lot of foundations from MAC cosmetics because I find they work well on most skin types and they have a really good colour range. I also like Amazing Cosmetics and Chanel, this afternoon I’m using a new foundation from L’Oreal – so it’s quite a mixture. It’s about finding the right brands and products that work for your skin, that’s the key.”Sign-Up To FashionBite’s Weekly News

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