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TRIED & TESTED: 2-Step Facial For Sensitive Skin

TRIED & TESTED: 2-Step Facial For Sensitive Skin, FashionBite

I was first introduced to Balance Me from a PR, when I reviewed the brand for FashionBite but have since become a big fan, particularly of their best selling Radiance Face Oil.

When I was first pregnant, I was very conscious of not wanting to use any chemical/paraben-based skin products and so started looking for natural alternatives. I found that natural/organic skincare brands can be quite hit and miss in terms of quality and what exactly they’re free from, but with Balance Me it clearly explains the % of ingredients that are natural on the packaging. But, above all the products actually do work.

Being pregnant now second time round, my skin has become a lot more sensitive again and I’ve been getting patchy redness, particularly in the mornings. I bought the Rose Otto Face Oil, which is meant to be good for sensitive skin and Radiance Face Mask.

I’ve been combining the two for a weekly skin boost facial and I have to say my skin has significantly improved. When I put my make-up on in the morning, it looks a lot softer and more youthful than it has done in recent months and just feels a lot more moisturised.

products to help skin sensitivity and redness, FashionBite

I now use the Rose Otto Face Oil daily, combined with the face mask once a week. After a bath, I smooth on the mask and leave to set for about 5 to 10 minutes. I splash my face with warm water and then gently exfoliate my skin thoroughly. The mask has fruit extracts which help remove any dead skin cells, then I splash with cold water. So skin feels so soft and squeaky clean afterwards.

Prices aren’t cheap but it is worth it and I would rather spend the extra knowing a product actually works. The Rose Otto Face Oil is £32 and the Radiance Face Mask is £18. To FashionBite’s Weekly News

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