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Is this the secret to thick, glossy hair? (And only £5.99)

Is this the secret to thick, glossy hair, FashionBite review

About six years ago when I was out in India, I starting chatting to a local lady about what products or techniques Indian women used on their hair, as I’d never seen such beautiful, thick, glossy hair consistently on every woman I met.

Although Indian women kept their hair tied up most of the time, it was generally very, very long – so even more reason to have drier ends or for it to be in a poor condition. Of course genetics has something to do with it, as with everything, but the resounding answer I got from every woman I spoke to was “coconut oil.” They rubbed coconut oil through their hair regularly, from top to ends and this was their secret to having such thick, glossy hair.

Is this the secret to thick, glossy hair, FashionBite review 2

When I got back to England, I tried to source coconut oil but they didn’t sell it in any mainstream retailers, so I used to buy a tub from a local, independent pharmacy for about £2 and use it as a weekly hair mask. It was absolutely amazing and my hair was in such good condition as a result.

I don’t know why, but as time moved on I totally forgot about the coconut oil trick and no longer used it. Until recently, when I was sent a tub of Vita Coco coconut oil with their strap line ‘eat it, wear it, swear by it’ and it instantly reminded me of my weekly hair masks and the beautiful Indian women with their gorgeous hair.

Is this the secret to thick, glossy hair, FashionBite review 2

My hair is in desperate need of a cut, so I thought there was no better time to try it out again. The oil comes in a solid pot, so you have to scrape it out, but if you rub it between your fingers then the heat of your hands makes it liquid immediately. I rubbed it through my hair, paying particular attention to the roots and tied it up with a hair band. I then left it all morning, as I tided around the house.

After a few hours I washed it out; shampooing my hair twice to make sure it was really clean of the oil and then conditioned it as normal. I dried my hair and ran my fingers through it and I have to say it felt absolutely amazing, right down to the roots. The dry ends, that had felt parched and ready for the hairdressers, now felt really soft. The picture of me (top) is having just dried my hair and without any products on it.

Slightly more that the £2 I used to spend (although I imagine you may still be able to get a tub from a local shop if you looked), it’s still only £5.99, which is amazing value as you’d get a lot of use from the one pot.

So, is this the secret to thick, glossy hair? It’s definitely worth a try, I’ll be resurrecting my weekly hair masks without question.

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