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BEAUTY SCAM! Juvesiio Anti Wrinkle Serum (PLEASE READ)

Juvessio scam

I can’t believe I have been scammed, but if I can help others from being conned by this awful company/product then hopefully my experience will not go wasted. I am also concerned that in the run-up to Christmas we could see more and more of these type of scams and I think we should all be reminded to be vigilant about where we enter our personal details,


I was shopping on Ebay in October and a feedback form popped up, reportedly looking like it was part of the Ebay site, asking me to fill out a couple of questions/short survey to trial a new Anti Wrinkle Serum. Always looking for new launches to review, I completed the survey.


At this point, alarm bells should have rung. I thought it was a bit odd that they asked me for £4.99 for postage and packaging to send out the product, but having already done the survey I entered my details. This was where it all fell apart.


With this con-artist company now having my bank details, they have been taking £87 out of my account (at the end of October and the end of November). I did not tick anything, there was nothing in the terms and conditions, I have received no contact/products or anything from this company since the free trial sample and I have no idea how they can justify what this £87 expense is for.


Sadly, I didn’t pick up on this in October. I didn’t realise this money had gone out, as it was hidden alongside a bunch of other payments at the end of the month, so now I am shocked to say that this company has taken out two amounts of £87 from my account completely unauthorised, illegally and fraudulently.


I have just spoken to my bank, who have cancelled this payment, apparently some kind of ‘continuous’ payment they had set up, without my authorisation and they are now setting up a ‘No Recognised’ case. From the sounds of it, they have a lot of ‘no recognised’ cases with this company, who will try I am sure to prove that somehow I authorised this amount. My question to the company is: what am I receiving for this £87 then?? I am astounded that this can happen and shocked that there seems to be no recourse for me to get these two payments refunded.


Doing some research online now, their url address doesn’t appear to work and there are tonnes and tonnes of people complaining with a similar experience, but still this company is running this scam. If you search for them, you’ll see bogus blogs/review sites/even Youtube videos, all to give them authenticity online and they have been very sophisticated in presenting lots of content on the product to make it look real. But they are con artists ripping people off.

I am really up to speed with websites/online and I have been duped, if I have been conned then anyone else can be too. I can see why people feel nervy about entering their details online and I imagine we’ll see more such scams and more sophisticated cons going forward, particularly in the run-up to Christmas.

PLEASE DO NOT make the same mistake as me. Hopefully, we can spread the word and prevent anyone else from being scammed out of their hard earned cash.


* Go with your gut instinct, if it doesn’t feel right it isn’t right.

* You don’t get something for nothing, NEVER enter your bank details unless through an authorised online retailer.

* If you haven’t heard of the company/brand/product, Google them before you enter your details.

* Use a credit card where possible with larger online purchases.

* If in any doubt, don’t proceed.

[I’ve written a follow-up article, ‘The 12 Cons of Christmas’ to warn people about some of the scams doing the rounds, you can read it HERE>]Sign-Up To FashionBite’s Weekly News


  1. Maxeen Belsky says:

    I have had the very same thing. I spotted the payment in October and was able to stop any more payments to this ……. company. I am trying to get my money back but the bank want paper work which I do not have.

    • Megan Parsons says:

      About six months ago Banks were told they had to return fraudulent continuous payments taken without authorisation.
      Go back to your bank and tell them you are aware that they have to refund. I heard it from martin Lewis on TV. You could try his site fir more info.

      Good luck

      • Emily Seares says:

        Thanks for the tip! I’ve found this article by Martin Lewis which outlines your rights. Thank god they’ve changed the rules and we can cancel fraudulent continuous payments set-up without our knowledge…

      • Doreen says:

        I’ve been scammed as well. Only just noticed the £87.00 came out of my bank account. Now another £89.95 has come out for the matching product by Vivexin so I’ve been scammed twice! I am so mad that I fell for these highly publicised products. All I had to pay was the postage. I had no email, no paperwork and nowhere did I read that these companies would be continuing to take these amounts from my bank. It’s Sunday now so I will contact my bank tomorrow and hopefully stop the continuos payments but I really really want my money back.
        Fingers crossed. Lesson to self….never ever buy online from an unknown company and stop being so vane!!!

      • Agnes says:

        I also have been duped and can’t qite believe it.!!!!!!!!. Spoke to my bank to-day and told them that I want my money back on my account (£87). I wasn’t getting anywhere so told them that they speak to their Manager and ring me back. I am digging my heels in but to be honest, I don’t hold out much hope. Will let everyone know the outcome. I still can’t believe that people get away with this sort of fraud, and that is exactly what it is, and the banks are very well aware of this.

      • Clare says:

        They did the same to me, I had to cancel a direct debit by have placed on my account to take out £87 ever month.
        I wish I had read this before agree to a free bottle trial or I would have ever go ahead!!!
        Scam scam scam and they should be stopped!!!

        Do not trust this company, they give Internet shopping a bad name!

      • wiz says:

        this just happend to me scamed i dnt know what to do that was the only money i had i am hoping and praying the bank will hear my plea

      • HMTGeorge says:

        There was an item on these scams on Moneybox this week. Reading these, I was so lucky. Got my free trial ok, but then had a call a couple of weeks later from my bank’s fraud team, HSBC, asking had I authorised another payment of £87. When I said definitely not, they refused to pay the company. Well done HSBC! But it’s clear that the banks must know about these dodgy companies. Good luck to all of you trying to get your money back x

      • susan easton says:

        £630 taken from my account under different names FACECREAM RENEWCREAM, SKINCREAM RESTORECREAM, ANTIAGEING FACECARE , REVITA VITAGENE, HY SKINCARE. Would love company contact details if anyone has them as I am reporting to police. apart from 1st “free” pot which brought my skin out in a rash I have received nothing.I would not have used it anyway but this is not just a scam it is theft! Phoned the company and they cant find my account (although they have taken these payments An employee called Michael G Employee ID 106883 refused to give me the company address and hung up when I tried to insist. I have already reported this to my bank Beware of any free cream trials.

    • Sonya says:

      Hi there

      I’ve just realised that the same thing has happened to me! I spoke to my bank and they gave me the company’s contact number. After a rather heated discussion, they are refunding me the £87 and have closed my account. My bank also will not pay out any more money to them.

      If any of you need the number, it is: 0800 078 6063.
      Good luck!

      Never again will I order a ‘free trial’ of anything!

      • Fortunately my credit card company gave me detailed instructions, to prevent this company,from taking any payment.I contacted Juvesiio,who advised me to return the product to an address in the Chech Rebublic. My credit card company, advised me to send it to Juvesiio’s address in Ireland,recorded delivery,with an RMA no,provided by Juvessiio,by telecon., clearly marked on my letter & packet.
        This company is a disgrace,I understand they are being investigated by trading standards, I trust that justice will be done & they get their just deserts.

      • dawn says:

        I too have just been speaking to my credit card company in relation as to why my account is very overdrawn all the time, and as I haven’t been using my credit card it didn’t make any sense! so they told me that this company “Juvesiio” have been taking out £87 every month since last july, adding up to over £600! so I just contacted that scam of a company and had it out with them, and they said that I had in fact authorised these monthly payments,, which I had NOT! I said I wanted the money back, and the girl on the end of the line said it was not possible, and she was sorry and she only worked there. So I let her know how angry I was with this fraudulent company and hung up. Everyone should be very aware of these scams, and if you want anti wrinkle serum, go to boots to get it!!

      • anita says:

        were do I start I too have been scammed. I have been to my bank and they will investigate and will also refund the payment that this company took sum of £87.00 lets hope we can put a stop to this company stealing for other people

      • Agnes says:

        Hi Sonya, how did you manage to get your money back from this fraudulent company?.

      • Gillian says:

        I to have been scammed the same way ass you, but I have been scammed in the same way with another company called Raspberry Keytone Maxx, It looks like they are the same company. The only thing to do is to cancel at the bank and just put it down t experience.

        JUVESIIO scammed me for £87.00

        KETONE MAXX scammed me for £93.00

        Absolutely Disgusting that they should be allowed to trade. BAD ROBOT

      • Eileen Rowlinson says:

        68 Bleaswood Road

      • can’t believe I got scammed too. They have deducted £65.25 and £87. Santander are hopefully sorting this.


      • Audrey Howard says:

        Hi me too and I am 76 years old !!!!! can ill afford this sort of thing I have written to my bank and am going to try and number above and see what they can do……and tell them I am going to the police who can trace the number anyway Audrey

      • bev petrie says:

        same has just happened to me. payment debited on 31 oct but only NOW been able to get company details (sample for mum) and get bank to cancel. the phone numbers dead guys!! try emailing and do it that way, theyve been told any more comes out and ill take legal action for fraud. Their address (as google says) is: Juvesiio, Riverside View, Thornes Lane, Wakefield, West Yorkshire WF1 5QW

      • pat kucukarslan says:

        hi there the same has just happened to me i ordered the stuff for my daughter but have not received anything ! they have still stopped me £87 i am 76 so am going to do my best to get my money back thanks for the phone number

      • rhian says:

        i’ve been scammed too.. i’ve just phoned the exact number you put on here and its dead.. dont know what else to do as i have 5 young kiddies, im a single parent and cannot afford for this to be takken out of my account

    • pat horrigan says:

      i too agreed to pay this company 5.00 for postage and packing to receive a free sample of Juvesiio facial gel anti wrinkle cream with no term and conditions TO BE FOUND I decided to do my own investigations and found many complaints about the company I phoned them immediately and cancelled any further payments an agent from the company told me it was cancelled and nothing more to worry about but only I checked my statement last week i noticed they had taken 87 pounds out of my account fraudulently I phoned the company and they conveniently could not find my details and insisted i give my card details again in order to my find someone elses name and product payed under my card WHAT A SCAM I INSISTED ON MY MONEY BACK AND EXPLAINED I WAS UNWELL AND OUT OF WORK AND WOULD FIND IT HARD TO GET THROUGH THE NEXT WEEK AND DEMANDED MY MONEY BACK A MANAGER CAME ON SHOUTED AT ME AND TOLD ME THE MONEY WAS FOR THE FIRST LOT OF SAMPLE CREAM WHICH I AGREED TO for A FIVER….TOTAL SCAM I DEMANDED MY MONEY BACK AND A FREE SAMPLE FOR COMPENSATION AND TOLD THEM I WOULD TAKE THIS TO ANN ROBINSON WATCH DOG CONSUMER RIGHTS PROGRAM ,,,,SO STRENGTH IN NUMBER PLEASE CONTACT ME ON and we will do this together if you have been scammed as well…. will contact my bank now fraud team and let you know how i get on,,,,
      yours sinderely patricia horrigan

      • susan morris says:

        after reading these comments I checked my bank account and noticed it was a scam for the after reading there terms and contract, which I never say when completing the order from the survey.I immediately contacted my bank and cancel my bank card so no further funds can be taken from my account. so I guess I’ve escape the whooping £87.00, and also from slim body cleanse,another scam too.

      • The Fourth White Ghost says:

        The Fourth White Ghost- Ladies you are not the only ones being Scammed by this CON_ARTISTS COMPANY.I was tricked by applying for this FREE Trial for my wife and I am trying to get this Dubious RMA No. they insist on supplying.
        Government/Banks/Commerce ETC encourage all and sundery to GO ONLNE — ITS GRAND THEFT ON A WORLD WIDE SCALE THAT ALL GOVERNMENTS ARE ENCOURAGING

      • robert says:

        This is a disgraceful con. What was supposed to be a free sample has cost me plenty – I am sure there was nowhere in the offer clearly displayed t&c’s and I am sure I never agreed to a continuous payment authority. What a load of tosh – tube not boxed and nowhere any indication of the manufacturer, country of origin, contact phone number and/or addresses for customer service, patent numbers, and crucially, no list of what this stuff contains. Who in their right mind is going to apply a product of which they have not the faintest idea of what’s in it – especially to their face! And at at GBP87.00 a tube preposterous. I shall certainly support you – this outfit should be driven out of business

      • susan bradley says:

        have been affected by same scam, awaiting any corespondance from this company

      • J une Leaver says:

        I also have been scams by this horrible company the thing is I returned the cream still in the packet as I thought I would get my refund of £87 but have not heard from them, I think the government should do something about it the people who own these companys should be looked into or put them in court for fraud, if they were getting money from the government something would be done straight away, they must have scam thousands of pounds from people who trusted them. June Leaver

      • pat kucukarslan says:

        what a total rip off i never received the cream but have still had 87 taken out am for my daughter i’m 76 and got the cream for my daughter and we both thought it was a free trial at 5. postage paid the postage but no goods !!!!!

      • patricia says:

        hi there same has happened to me only i never received the cream ! they still took the money tho’ i waited so long i forgot about it till i saw the money taken out what a terrible con these people are doing !my bank is trying to get my money back

      • madeeine says:

        Hi I had the same thing. Discovered two payments of £80+ going out of my credit card. Rang my bank and told they had spotted it and declined a whole range of payment requests. The two that had already been paid out hd to be dealt with by another department. They have returned the money to my account and written to the company responsible Evidently they have 45 days to prove that I asked for this to be deducted!! I m tempted to cancel my credit card now.

      • Dorothy says:

        2016 and it is still going on. Why is this still allowed under Trading Standards

    • Karen Wilkie says:

      Dear all,

      Exactly, the same thing as happened to me.
      This information has been most helpful.

      • Mary says:

        I have just been conned a sample for £4.95 I ordered and 15 days later charged £87 as i was on holiday i did not know until i came back i called the bank to find i have been charged another £87

        What a scam?

      • Mary says:

        I have just been conned a sample for £4.95 I ordered and 15 days later charged £87 as i was on holiday i did not know until i came back i called the bank to find i have been charged another £87

        What a scam?

      • dorothystedman says:

        I have just received the 2 items
        Juvesiioand the falawless elite. If this is a scam I will call at the bank with copy of these emails to warn them and cancel any debit they receive


    • Susan Purdie says:

      I also have been duped. I wish I had look at your site sooner. I have asked my bank to stop any payments to this company. I have been able as yet to get the payment back from my Bank.

      • beverly hodgson says:

        hi susan l was badly scamed an feel stupid for giving my bank details This company has taken out £87.00 for four months at a time when l was supporting a terminally ill and very close family member. Therefore l was not on the ball with checking my bank statements but when l confronted my bank they said they would not give me a refund unless l cancelled> have you had any further luck

    • sandy says:

      just got taken for £65.25 and the natwest wont help. I am on esa so i guess my la
      ndlord wont be getting all his rent money

    • olivia says:

      I have just been stung by the same company so they are still at it the survey popped up while I was on line banking saying it was a TSB survey.
      Feel so stupid Have reported to my bank I emailed
      the company demanding a refund. Bank says if no joy within 15 days they will take action for me Up to now the company has not answered my email. Not holding my breath.

      • Pauline says:

        I also have been conned both for £87. I have been emailing them all day and phoning with no reply. How on earth do i send latest product back without RMA number. I have informed my bank hopefully they will sort it out their end.

      • Ava says:

        Hi, like everyone else I have been pulled in and scanned, lucky I checked the bank day product arrived and saw they had taken £178 only supposed to pay £4.95 for posting, we contacted the bank who gave me the right phone number which is 08009098297 I got through and spoke to someone explained what had happened,she spoke to billing department, who said the money would be refunded in 2wks, But the bank said as the transaction was only pending they could recall the money for me hope this helps someone Number Again 08009098297!!!!!

    • Josie Singleton says:

      I have just this morning discovered the very same when a further bottle landed on my doorstep checked my now overdrawn bank account to find 87 pound been taken so angry.

    • Josie Singleton says:

      I have just this morning discovered the very same when a further bottle landed on my doorstep checked my now overdrawn bank account to find 87 pound been taken so angry.

    • Leticia says:

      I’ve also had the same experience as i was feeling out a survey for my university. But the question is why are they still running. They’ve taken my 43.50 and I’ve sent back the product about three weeks ago but the money is still not repaid. This is inappropriate.

      • Anna says:

        hi i think to get your money back after you send them the product you need to contact them and give them the tracking number of your postage so the can check if thy receive your package , and after that they will hopefully give you your money back with it 3-5 working days

    • jennifer townsley says:

      same things happened to me my bank says they cant refund me its a disgrace if the banks don’t help in these matters what good are they. JUVESIIO are a company that scam people and are getting away with it the fraud dept. and banks are aware of this and have been for some time but they are still scaming people I personally am fed up with it and hope someone will put an end to scams like this for good soon

    • Sid says:

      Noticed two payments of £87.00 taken through credit card. Have stopped further payment through Natwest Credit card and the fraudulent company. Wanted refund of the two payments, the company person initially agreed to refund one £87.00. I was phoning on behalf of my wife. Next day my wife rang and they refused to make any refund.

      The important point is that I am fairly confident when the initial pop up came when I was on Natwest site, there was no mention of need to cancel within 10 days or monthly payment. This is complete fraud and the onus of proving that the customer did not agree to a non existent monthly payment plan is not fair- there must be a way round for asking the company to prove they had the authority. Any suggestions please.


      • janet bridge says:

        all you have all said has happened to me after first bank money was taken out my account informed my bank they said they would block it so they could take no more money out GUESS what this morning received another sample sent it back juvesiio as there phone number is no good have yet to check if any more money has gone from my bank

    • Eve says:

      Scam continues !!!

      2nd and 3rd of JULY 2014

      Hello to all other fellow suckers who have been conned like I nearly was !!!!This so called survey came up on my screen whilst I was sending readings to EDF. So I filled it in like an idiot and the delivery costs, though I thought it a little strange,
      Bank details too, I always have a secure payment box to fill in with another password from my bank, but this didn’t appear. this company then told me an error had occurred and that I should try again later.

      Within half an hour I had an automated call from Santander asking me to verify certain transactions, the first one was the £4.95 delivery cost but the bank said it wasn’t verified or recognised so they hadn’t paid it thank God !!!
      This morning I went onto my Talk Talk account and hey presto it’s on there as well !!
      What can we do about this it needs stopping has anyone out there contacted Watchdog yet ??

      If not I will send a link from this page and get the ball rolling, Please advise me , we have to get this stopped pretty damn quick, it could have been my mother or granny getting robbed !! Do police do anything ???please let me know asap because these robbing B…….S are still at it .

    • Meg says:

      I have had the same by saying it was a sky survey I got free bottle if I paid POSTAGE I would recieve free but checking today this is a scam and stopped any payments going from my bank disscusting

    • Debra says:

      I have just read this I wish I had seen this before sending for my FREE SAMPLE OF JUVESIIO I have paid £4.95 for postage and I have just found out that they have been taking £87 per month out of my bank I am disabled and do my shopping on line I was on holiday the first time the money was taken but today as I went on line to look at my bank account I noticed £87 had been taken bu Ani-Wrinkle I contacted the bank straight away who have now canceled their standing orders for this amount and I have phoned the company and informed them that I want my money back or I will be reporting this to the police and also will take them to court and all court fees will be requested to be paid by them I have not received any thing for my money and I am not going to sit here and let it go DON’T LET IT HAPPEN TO YOU DON’T SEND FOR THE FREE SAMPLE THAT THEY SAY THEY WILL SEND YOU IT’S NOT FREE AT ALL

    • Bernie says:

      I too have been robbed. Went to HSBC who have a Disputes Team for this sort of scam but because they claim that I made the agreement with Juvesiio, which I hasten to add, I did not since there were no Terms & Conditions on the site.

      I have lost 3 months of £87 and fuming to say the least. I paid the initial one pound something for postage with my Debit card. Yet we are informed that we can claim on the Chargeback Scheme.

    • christine flynn says:

      me too i payed 2.95 p/p then at the end of the month took £79.00 out of my account then 2 weeks later they tried to take it again but i had spotted the £79.00 in between.i only had one free trial size bottle that ended up costing me £ bank is aware of this and myself or the bank cant get my money back.
      angry is not the word oh yes KARMA is….

    • roisin says:

      so glad I came across this site you saved from being duped I was only looking at the free sample ad and thought that’s too good to be true although it showed pictures of al the celebrity’s faces looking wrinkle free . I decided to just type in the product and it took me to a shopping site and the damn thing was priced at £169 …

    • J'annine Matthews says:


      I applied for the trial and then saw your comments afterwards, so I contacted my bank and told them that a Company may try and take £87.00 out of my account. i even emailed juvesiio to ask them to cancel my trial and return my money, nothing was heard and today I have found out that I have £87.00 pending authorisation to them. I have emailed again twice with a read receipt on it telling them what I think of them and demanding my money back. The bank says I have to wait 2 days for it to be authorised and then I can contact them again and fight to get the money back, in the meantime I have no money.

    • J'annine Matthews says:


      If you get charged, phone 44 (0) 800 078 6063, shout and scream at them if you have to, do not let them keep your money for their scam!!!!!!!!!!

    • Peter Flcos says:

      Juvesiio took two £89.00 from my bank account which my bank would not refund. I found the address of Juvesiio in Surrey and wrote to the police who replied that Juvesiio were not doing anything illegal.
      I contacted my local MP Desmond Swayne who got the money back for me.

      • maggie says:

        same her ordered trial at 4.95 euro there was 124.55.+125euro plus taken from my account without any authorisation,i cancelled at the phone number provided ,i was out of the country for 3 months and didnt get what im being charged for i sent a regitstered mail to an address in west yorkshire it cant be delivered as its obviously a fake address what scammers

    • scott says:

      hi same has happened to me
      i got through on the number provided and was told to return the product to SWEDEN to get a full refund
      i have also contacted my bank [barclays]to stop further payments and they are sending me some form to fill out before they can take action.
      until the money is back in my account i don’t have much faith in either of the phone calls made
      Dirty scamming b*st*rds

    • Annette Hawkins says:

      Hi.I got caught up in this Juvesiio “scam” of the “free” sample. £87 was taken from my bank account. I stopped any further payments.After weeks of phone calls, returning the sample to Waterford in Ireland and sending e-mails I am pleased to say they have returned my £87 and it has appeared in my bank account today. It has been a long slog. My advice is to keep all receipts, recorded delivery slips and copies of communications. I threatened to go to the National Press and it seems to have worked. Good luck everyone who got duped into this.Annette

    • Norma says:

      July 2015

      The same thing happened to me. I ordered the samples in June 2015. the amount of £89.78 appeared on my credit card in July. I contacted my bank who stopped any further payment. I was so incensed, I contacted the company (on 02031290835 (obtained from my bank), told them their scam was immoral and that I would contact Trading Standards and that I wanted all the money refunded. The guy was trying to offer me a 50% refund, but I stuck to my guns and demanded a full refund to which which he eventually agreed to do within 10 working days.

      I then contacted the Trading standards/Consumer Contract (on 03454040506) and spoke to someone who advised that their action was illegal under the “Consumer Contract (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges), Regulation 2013. and as such their terms and conditions were not enforceable. I was advised to send them a letter to this effect, by Recorded Delivery, and request a full refund.

      I would strongly recommend that you make that call to Trading Standards at the number above to get their advice

    • Tatiana says:

      I got scammed by the same product by 2 companies : Today Beautiful skin Care and Whole Nutra Store. Both companies belong to the same owner and share my Credit Card information. That’s why I was scammed twice.The return address specified on their web site is fake. After I tried to return the product and sent confirmation email both these companies I was advised that I should call and get return instructions. The phone is never answered and there is no voice mail available.
      People should be very alert and aware of buying similar products online. The same thing happens all over the world and was spotted in Britain back in 2010. This is famous trick of scam.

  2. Emily Seares says:

    It’s awful isn’t it. What paper work is your bank asking for? My bank are in the process of trying to get my money back too. This company needs to provide evidence of what service, product or experience they have provided us to justify this £87.

    It’s a total scam and our banks should not allow them to be able to get away with it. If you look at their website, the contact address/telephone details are all fake and there’s no way of contacting the company even if you wanted to. If my bank is not able to help me, I will be taking it to a solicitor and taking the matter further. It’s the principal of it and the fact this con artists are still out there trying to scam innocent people.

    • Gaynor Gray says:


      Thought I might order some more as I felt the ‘sample’ was quite good and entered Juvesiio into the search engine where I saw all the comments about a scam. I immediately looked at my credit card statement, and hey presto, they had taken £87 from my account too. Not only that but I had received nothing in return.
      It’s these kinds of incidences that have put me off shopping on the Internet altogether.

      Thanks for the heads-up.


    • Maureen Grogan says:

      Many thanks to Emily and everyone else who has left a comment here. Through seeing this page I was able to have my bank cancel any transactions to this dreadful company. I followed this up with a phone call to Juvesiio themselves and with threats to report them to the Trading Standard Office after reminding them that so much important information was missing from their advert, ie price, payments contract and policy that with perseverance they decided to drop all payments, including one given on the phone when I told them that I wasn’t prepared to return their ‘free sample’ which meant, by their reckoning, that I owed them monies for this. I asked for them to send an email to confirm this which follows:-

      Thank you for using Juvesiio Anti-Aging Serum. This email is to inform you that your subscription status has been recently updated and any ongoing or all future charges have been cancelled as per your request.

      If you have any questions about the cancellation of this subscription, or if you would like to re-activate the same in the future, please feel free to contact our Customer Service team at +44 (0) 800 078 6063 or email

      I hope that governments get together to stop this kind of scam. Some of these companies are so clever at presenting as with misleading or missing information and some even have the ability to do this without being liable for come back.

  3. Simon says:

    You said – “a feedback form popped up…”

    That shows you have some virus or problem with your browser, as eBay don’t do popups like this.

    You probably got it from one of the millions of free products (some of which are good) in exchange for a toolbar plugin. Once the plugin is installed your PC is owned.

    • Emily Seares says:

      God, scary! How do you get rid of it? Do you advise clearing your cache..etc or totally un-installing your browsers and re-installing them again or possibly even scanning the whole computer with a program to clean it up..any advise would be appreciated! Thanks.

      • Simon says:

        The only real way of ensuring these things are removed is to use a good virus scanner, that also checks for malware and adaware. It should be the first thing you install on a PC or Mac, and kept up to date. However, if not, then if you are using Windows the free Microsoft Defender software works well. A new install will tell you if there is any malicious software on your PC, especially if you agreed to install the malware in the first place (without knowing it)

      • Alan says:

        I too have been stung and I buy from the internet all the time and an normally very careful but they got me.I noticed the first payment on my internet bank account and got my bank to stop future payments.
        I spoke to the company and complained but they referred me to their “terms of contract” .
        I looked these up and I am afraid they have got us as under 3a states it is a continuing monthly contract if you do not cancel.
        I have now cancelled .
        Expensive lesson learned , read all the small print !!!!!!!

  4. Mary says:

    I too was scammed by this company. I contacted Scambook and left a complaint and was interviewed for You and Yours on the BBC.
    After I made a lot of fuss Juvesiio said if I returned the sample (even though I’d used some of it) they would refund my money, it took a while to get their address emailed to me – I posted it a few days ago and having tracked it see that it has arrived, but am still waiting for a refund.
    Barclaycard are looking into it for me and will see what happens.
    Good luck to everyone else, hope you get your money back.

    • Emily Seares says:

      When did this happen to you? It’s awful that it keeps on happening to people and something should be done. We can’t just have a company ripping people off like this and getting away with it time and time again. This is fraud and should surely be illegal? They’re basically dipping their hands into other people’s bank accounts, without any consequence. What’s to stop every online retailer doing this, as soon as you enter your bank details? It’s totally illegal and something should be done to stop them from ‘trading’ anymore.

      How much did they take from you in the end? Were they trying to claim that the ‘free’ sample now actually costs £4.99 p&p plus £87 monthly??

      • susan morris says:

        I too have completed a survey, and was scammed £4.99pp, also with slim body cleanse £1.95 +£1.99pp. after reading the comments I cancelled my bank debit card immediately so no further funds can be taken out of my account…please be care of these people as I thought it was legitimate too.

    • Mihaela says:

      Hi Mary. I have been scammed by this company as well. I will go to the bank straight and talk to them about this.

      • Barry says:

        Hi Mary i too think this has just happened to me off to bank to cancel card. This popped up through the Mc Donalds Monopoly site. I will not be buying on internet again

      • Alan says:

        Here is where we all were caught out
        3. PURCHASE OPTIONS: You have one purchase option:

        3a. The 14 day trial: Your 14 day Trial Period will begin when the product is shipped. You will be responsible for paying shipping and handling charges for your trial sample of Juvesiio. If you wish to cancel your order within your Trial Period, just call +44 (0) 800 078 6063 and you will not be charged anything other than the shipping and handling fee. If you enjoy Juvesiio, keep your sample and at the end of your trial period your credit card will be charged £87 and automatically be enrolled in the Juvesiio VIP club. Approximately 30 days after the end of your trial and every 30 days thereafter, you will receive your next 30 day supply of Juvesiio and be able to enjoy Juvesiio without interruption. This is a recurring order, which may be cancelled at any time by contacting Juvesiio Customer Care at +44 (0) 800 078 6063, Monday – Friday 9AM-7PM GMT.

    • beverly hodgson says:

      did you get a result mary? …..beverly

    • beverly hodgson says:

      did you get a result mary? …..beverly

    • BEV says:

      Hi Mary – l was wondering how you got on? bev

  5. Emily Seares says:

    The Trading Standards Institute actually has a great article, highlighting some of the scams that people could fall foul to over the next month. The article is called the ’12 Cons of Christmas…’

    “3. Online free trials: New year’s resolutions often involve attempts to work off mince pies and lose weight. Scammers know this and have created pop-ups offering free trials on items like weight loss supplements while disguising contracts in amongst the fine print. After entering their card details to pay for the post and packaging, the scammers use these hidden contracts to regularly take sums of moneys from the victim’s account.”

    See the full article here:

  6. Tariq says:

    On 15 Nov 2013 a pop-up on my computer offered an anti-wrinkle serum trial sample for £4.95 – which I accepted. I have just been looking at my credit card statement and find that I have been charged £87 for nothing. I emailed them but they say that contact team at +44 (0) 800 078 6063, but when you ring at this no its never picked up. This payment is absolutely illegal.Beware of this fraudulent company. Grateful for any advice

    • Alan says:

      3. PURCHASE OPTIONS: You have one purchase option:

      3a. The 14 day trial: Your 14 day Trial Period will begin when the product is shipped. You will be responsible for paying shipping and handling charges for your trial sample of Juvesiio. If you wish to cancel your order within your Trial Period, just call +44 (0) 800 078 6063 and you will not be charged anything other than the shipping and handling fee. If you enjoy Juvesiio, keep your sample and at the end of your trial period your credit card will be charged £87 and automatically be enrolled in the Juvesiio VIP club. Approximately 30 days after the end of your trial and every 30 days thereafter, you will receive your next 30 day supply of Juvesiio and be able to enjoy Juvesiio without interruption. This is a recurring order, which may be cancelled at any time by contacting Juvesiio Customer Care at +44 (0) 800 078 6063, Monday – Friday 9AM-7PM GMT.

  7. Clare says:

    This company is running the same scam with diet pills (Garcinia Diet Max and Slim Body Cleanse). My daughter signed up for their trial but fortunately after the pills arrived we did a bit of online research and found out about how the trial works. Lloyds Bank were excellent – she wasn’t the first victim – and said that she did not need to stop her debit card as they would cancel the recurring payment and block the company. I am now trying to return the pills and have written this whilst on hold to their freephone number… Does anyone know if they have done anything illegal as there are enough victims to warrant something being done.

  8. Rob says:

    I thought I’d get this for my daughter as She looked tired in the face, this was in Ocober, the and I put my C.C. Details in to cover the £4:95 p.p. For the free sample. I don’t believe I saw anything about terms and conditions.
    Then there product arrived in a brown envelope at my daughters approximately a fortnight after there was no receipt or covering letter explaining how much to apply etc etc.

    My daughter said to me Dad this could be a scam be careful, so I rang Barclaycard security to ask if anything more than the p.p. Cost had been taken that assured me that that was all they had taken but I said to them if anything does appear other that £4:95 please do not pay it, they said fine.
    A month ago I got another delivery, again it arrived with no paperwork whatsoever. So I just though that it was an error and they had dispatched my free sample again by mistake.
    A few days ago I got an email from the company stating that if there were any problems that we should first contact them and not my C.C. Company.
    Today my daughter text me today to inform a 3rd tube had arrived alarm bells rang so I rang the company juvesiio an Asian gentleman answered and he asked what company/product was it about and so he took my details and then proceeded to tell me that it was in there terms and conditions that if didn’t ring then to cancel then they would deduct the £4:95 and later the £87:00 because they had not received instructions to the contrary. I loud him that at no time did I see anything about deducting £87:00 and that what they were doing was illegal as they had not issued any paperwork either. He just kept saying about the terms and conditions.
    he agreed, after me screaming down the phone to him that he would cancel future deductions and he agreed to give me a £30:00 credit back to my C.C.
    I have told him that I will be getting in touch with Barclaycard and that I had seen the other complaints under scams too but still he never budged at all.
    So this is where I am at.
    Three unopened tubes of whatever it is which he basically said he couldn’t take them back!
    Has anybody else had this much success ?

    • Maureen says:

      The same with me, £87 taken off my credit card, but I quickly got onto my bank and told them about this scam, I asked them not to pay out any more monies to THESE BUNCH OF THIEVES. If they were to have taken it out of my purse I could have gone to the police, and they would be charged with theft! Their customer service were a disgrace, and told me they could do nothing about it. I asked for Juvesiio’s telephone number, again I was told they couldn’t help me! but they did say that the company was based in Florida. I was almost blue in the face with fury, not good for the blood pressure eh! I have found an address for the these rats Internationl Customer Service, 1DA INDUSTRIAL PARK CORK ROAD, WATERFORD IRELAND. Maybe the police should look them up.

      • Christine Wright says:

        21 Longstone Road

      • Christine Wright says:

        ditto I have to wait until Monday to get in touch with my bank (it was a debit card) £4.95 paid and now this £87 at the top of my statement – not of yet – but pending so my balance is holding that much in abeyance. I am skint till the 1st of the month and that £80 was my budget till the 1st of March. I will keep checking my internet banking till |Monday in hope!! I was given that Irish address when I phoned (no screamed) at them. I paid for that serum £4.95 so do not send that back if you paid £4.95 p &p its your only proof along with their one page directions for use (or should I say “intentions of abuse”) Martin Lewis seems to think that mostbanks have cottoned on to it (cant wait until \Monday) please please TSB dont pay it!!!!!!!!!!!

    • BEV says:

      hi robert did you get your £30-00? as they offered me that but eventually got them to agree to refunding the most recent ‘steal’ from my account £87-00. but refused paying me back the other three monthly payments of £87-00. l am now about to report them to the police fraud team as should we all!!

    • stephanie says:

      I had the very same experience after a much heated debate they offered to refund me £30 I refused this obviously they then upped there offer to £45 I refused again I told them if they could increase it by £15 then they could pay me the full amount. It didn’t end well so I will continue to fight them they need stopping!!!

  9. fridgemagnet says:

    ME too. This company are a bunch of sharks. I have been told by the company that because I am disputing their claim on the £87.00 that I was charged for nothing even after I had requested cancellation, they can not discuss it. I called the guy on the phone an arse-hole and hung up. I am going to take the matter to the financial ombudsman and there are guides on-line to the process.

  10. Emily Seares says:

    It’s awful this ‘company’ is still out there scamming people, I can’t believe they’re getting away with it. I spoke to my bank and eventually the company, the company agreed to refund me one amount and to stop sending me anything else, but not the other amount. When I kept asking, ‘what about the other amount?’ the guy was just silent. I’ve subsequently seen on my statement that my bank has refunded the other amount, so I imagine they’re in the process of getting it back from the company. It’s just unbelievable that they’re able to dip their hands into people’s bank accounts like this. £87 is a lot of money and they’re trying to claim that some shitty ‘serum’ which smells more like your cheapest supermarket brand is worth £87 a month! Total joke. I hope you all get your money back too.
    Emily x

    • Agnes says:

      Which bank are you with Emily?. I am with lloyds and they say that they cannot give me my £87 back. I am so angry.

      • suse says:

        I have been conned too by Juvesiio I paid the 4.95 for the Juvesiio anti wrinkle serum 30ml and I never received the sample, money was taken out on April 10th.But on looking on my bank and a good thing that I did look,I saw that 87.00 pounds was taken out of my bank on April 25th2014 I was shocked I could believe it with my knowledge I have email them three times and no reply as it was Saturday 26 April 2014, I found out they took the money. I am fuming and ask why have my bank allowed them to take there is no direct debit signed by me to allow them to take money off me I got to see my bank to stop allowing them any more money from me the rotten scammers

  11. andy lanarkshire says:

    I have also been conned out of two payments of £87.00 by bank statement came in today and I just notice the two withdrawals,I phoned Juvesiio and told them Idid not order the second bottle of seum they sent yesterday.I Told them I payed £4.95 trail sample they said I had agreed to there terms and conditions.I said I wanted to send it back and for them to refund my money the person on the phone said they don’t take returns.He also said if I did not make a complaint he would refund the latest £87.00 they took out of my bank account.

  12. Kate says:

    I was too scammed, I did manage to get hold of someone the times I rung and they said they would refund my money if I sent it back and even gave me a code number. Guess what, not refunded and I lost the product, I spoke to an asian guy and he totally fobbed me off so I decided to email and thats when I saw this scam!! After reading your comments, thanks by the way, I rung my credit card to make sure they hadnt taken another payment off and told them. They were fantastic, they refunded my £87 and said they were going to go to this company and claim the monies back for not making it clear that they will take £87 if not cancelled within 14 days! Good luck its a disgrace Kate

  13. kay, sheffield says:

    I too have been victim to this scam. I am normally so careful and never click on pop-ups but during the run up to Christmas this pop-up kept appearing on the RBS online banking and every step of the way said “as a valued customer of RBS” I was to complete a short survey and receive a free gift as a thank you. when I got so far it asked for £4.95 delivery I searched for any info that tied me to a monthly payment and I couldn’t find anything and as it only came up through my online banking I thought it was legitimate. they sent me some serum that smells like and looks like anti-bac hand gel in a brown envelope with no receipt or letter. they then took £87 out of my bank 2 weeks later. I contacted RBS who blocked further payments but said they could not do anything as I had given my details to pay for the postage. they are still at it I went on the official government companies house website for a personal matter and after I had entered my login details it popped up again! I am going to look at your link for Martin Lewis now. thanks.

  14. kay, sheffield says:

    just looked at Martin Lewis link, unfortunately you can’t claim back unless your bank have processed the payment after you have informed them. I feel so stupid and vulnerable now. I will never give my card details again either online or over the telephone. these people must be making a fortune taking at least £91.95 of each person and they are still running. There must be something someone can do to stop them? it’s disgusting that they can continue to do this. They aren’t even trying to act legal by sending anything for the £87 they steal!!!!

  15. Lizzy says:

    I cannot believe we cannot get our money back. I too had 3 payments taken out of my bank. Surely this is unlawful and some can help us?

  16. Imelda Mc Gowan says:

    I too have been taken to the cleaners to the tune of over £300 – 3 payments of £87 + £4 95 for postage on so- called free sample. What is disgraceful is that my all my bank would do is stop any further payments and would take no further action. It is obvious that these thieves are still operating and conning decent people out of their hard-earned cash. Would be some consolation if the product were effective but it is rubbish. Surely there is some legal action that can be taken against these con-men. Can not find words strong enough to describe them!

    • Christina Robertson says:

      I am so angry with this company. I have been scammed as well. I have an email saying I had cancelled this subscription & no payment would be taken from my account. My credit card statement shows in October 2013 £87 was taken from my account. I emailed the company & got no reply. I phoned them today & spoke to a female called Stacy Williams who was so rude to me & more or less told me it was tough & I won’t get my money back. BEWARE OF THIS SCAM.


  17. Jo anne says:

    Never give out bank details,always pay by pay pal it is safer, trust no one

  18. R Giraldo says:

    I bought a nourisment serum from juvesiio for £2.95 on the 6.01.2014 on the 31.01.2014 Juvesiio has taken £43.50 from account without any authoisation as i have not bought anything else. I will be contacting them on Monday 03.01.2014.

  19. Lou says:

    I ordered the free sample paying the postage of £4.95 before I read the comments about the scam. I cancelled my credit card then e-mailed them as “a backup”. I received an e-mail back saying they couldn’t cancel my details by e-mail they said call 0800 0786063 which I did. I felt it strange the woman I spoke to seemed to keep me hanging on saying she couldn’t understand my post code. I then discovered she was in FLORIDA – another part of the scam I guess. This Company should definitely be investigated for a very elaborated fraud.So pleased I read your comments but watch out for a possible con on the phone charges as well.

  20. Carolyn Goddard says:

    I was scammed last night by Juvesiio. Thinking I was to receive a trial sample of skin cream for the postage costs ( £1.99) as a thank you for a short survey, I began to smell a rat when I was billed £4.95 for the postage. I made three phone calls to them – each time they ”tried to get my account on the computer” even though I insisted I didn’t have an account. Each time , after an interval of a few minutes had been observed … ‘bear with me .. I’m trying to get your details on the screen’ followed by ‘ our computer is running slow, can you phone back in an hour?’ This is nothing but a scam to get your bank details. Today I’ve contacted my bank and had to change my debit card. When they try to take the postage from my account my bank will take it back. How these people get away with it beats me.

  21. Wish I read this 14 days ago. This company has taken money out of my account. I was asked to take a survey well on the HSBC site. When you call them they tell you that it is a trial period. I am not sure why the Fraud deparment at HSBC approve transactions from this company. Is there anybody on here who would like to take this further, I feel that companies like this need to be stopped!

    • beverly hodgson says:

      yes Andrew i would like to very much – and also with the banks too as they seem to have taken no responsibility in this. my emails are down at present but you can contact my partner at l have had £87-00 taken out of my account unortharised by these people at a time at which i am so very short of money-appreciate your reply – thanks bev

  22. Hello All

    I have now managed to get my bank to put a stop on future transactions (very drawn process. They will refund my money if Juvessio can’t prove I agreed to the terms and conditions which I didn’t! I would suggest calling Juvessio and making sure they have cancelled your “account” even if you don’t have one, simply paying postage charges means you are automatically setup with one. Oh and be prepared for the childish antics from the call centre staff. All of them are Asian with names like Catherine, Jordan, Michaele Tate… And extremly rude. Do not give them a moment to talk because they do not listen to you, also everyone is a manager. ENJOY and give them hell!!!!!!

  23. Rowan says:

    I have been scammed from Juvesiio aswell. I had a offer while I was buying items on ebay as a popup came up. After completing a survey this company popped up. Offering this free just pay the P&p. So I accepted it free just paid the p&p. Then only just been looking this month on my bank account all 4 payments of £87 each month was coming out of my account working out in total £348.
    Was not happy as I was just going for one at 4.95 for a memember of my family thinking 4.95 was a give away. I was on the phone last week had a big talk with the call girl then was told they were having technical problems hmm I bet. So I gave it 10 mins rang again. A call guy answers told him I was not happy explain that they owed me £348 I want a full refund and I would send all the creams in the post. They said no so I said I will be going to watch dog and the papers exposing this. So I said I want to speak to the manager. So had a big debate with the manager he offered a £87 in one refund. Not got enough I said still he refused. So I said close the payments and any accounts. I have got £87 still stuck with 4 bottles of this stuff. So I have sold one on ebay so 3 left now. A total scam this company should be shut down and fined loads This cream at £87 is a rip off sold it on ebay sold for 12.99 so cant be any good lol. So all internet surfers beware not to complete any surveys or any forms or payments for just the P&P as its a total scam. Juvesiio is a total scam trying to scam people out of money setting up a direct debit without your knowledge. So beware all of you I am tempted to expose this company to watchdog !!!!!

  24. chris says:

    hi to all yes i looked at this site it states £1.99 for postage but when you go to buy the FREE item they want £4.99 postage also if you read there conditions you will see a lot of spelling mistakes this should also give you an indication that there not real as a company would not make this kind of mistake with words hope you all get your money back and the ones doing this are put in front of the courts

  25. val barry says:

    I am so very very angry that these people seem to be getting away with this scam at no time when I applied for my sample did I agrre to order or pay for anymore of this product. Had I wanted it I would have ordered it. I have just found that £84 has been taken from my account without my permission and I shall be asking them to take it up with the fraud dept at Barclays. I like all others who have complained cannot afford to be robbed of this money. And I will do all in my power to get a refund. I am furious these people are thiefs and crooks and must be stopped.

    • Like your all your correspondents I sent my Bank details to pay p&p of £4.95 for a FREE trail bottle of Anti Wrinkle Serum. This was offered as a thank you gift for completing a short survey when I bought an item online from Boots. I did manage to contact this rogue company by phone but like everybody else was told I should have read their terms and conditions and should have returned the item within 14 days. Needless to say by the time the product arrived and I noticed the £87 had been taken from
      my account 14 days had passed. I have cancelled any further payments and have an Email from them confirming this I don’t trust them and now must go through the tedious business of cancelling my Debit card as my bank say they cannot guarantee any further payment will be blocked. Never again will I give my details to any company
      offering any thing ” FREE ” – it NEVER is.

  26. katie says:

    Thanks for all your e-mails. I too ordered these products. When no payment details came with them I started to wonder. I accessed the site and found your comments. I went to my bank and cancelled my card. They said that no more than the postage had gone out yet (this being the day I received the products) so this bogus company will at least be frustrated when they try to take out more. Not much consolation for you I know but I do thank you again.

  27. joan ralf says:

    YES THEY HAVE DONE IT TOO ME. ONE £87 ONE £89 One £95 what sort of a company openly rob people. just makes me sick. should have known better .Want the money back for my energy bill .I am 77years of age. Why are these people not brought to task

  28. R Giraldo says:

    would you believe it! after robbing me of £43.50 last month today I was looking on my account and they have tried again to get £87.00 from my account, I was lucky that I have reported them to my bank and told them to stop any payment to this company as they have taking £43.50 out of my account and I didn’t get anything for it!
    I can’t believe that we are getting robbed and nobody is doing anything about it! I will be closing my account with lloyds as they have fail to return my £43.50. surely this company was be reported to trading standands or the fraud squad!

  29. R Giraldo says:

    Bunch of thieves at daylight! how can they get away with it and the banks do nothing!something smells here!

  30. K Miller says:

    Thank you for this post. Because of it, I have been able to stop any payments other than the postage costs being taken from my account.

  31. Derek Anderson says:

    I have been subjected to the same Scam as others on this site and have been unable to reclaim any money. I have just contacted Amazon on 0843 5069293 , as they are advertising Juvesiio and informed them of the Scam. I would suggest that as many persons as possible do the same thing

    • Derek Anderson says:

      I have been the subject of the same SCAM but fortunately was able to cancel with the bank after one payment.. I have just talked to Amazon on 0843 5069293
      and informed them of the SCAM as they are advertising Junesiio. I suggest that as many people as possible also ring them to get the them to stop advertising this company

  32. joan ralf says:


  33. r price says:

    5 payments of £87 were taken….. I complained to my bank (Nationwide) who credited them back next day

  34. carl says:

    I did the same ordered a trial bottle was deducted £1.95 but luckily i found out this site and quickly contacted barclays to stop any future payments.Barclays have said they will request the money back plus fine the company £30 on top for there time…Lets hope they try to take the money.

  35. Ailsa says:

    I have also been scammed – feel stupid – rang the number left on this site and they were useless. They have at least cancelled the continuous payment. I have also a emailed the company and asked for my money back. My bank will hopefully help me. £87 is a lot of money for this product which did not do anything!!!!!!

  36. john reno says:

    Been scammed too. This company needs to be exposed so they can be shut down. i.e. no more victims falling prey. The only way to do this is by going to the media, print and electronic, Internet, Radio and tv. i.e Watchdog, rogue traders etc. Bring it up with your member of parliament so he/she can raise it in parliament, take it out there. Make people aware of them. That’s the only power we as (gullible) consumers hold

  37. Tony says:

    The really maddening fact here is that this company have scammed all these people and the have not committed a crime .
    When I almost got caught by this offer I took a very close look at the website and low and behold in the smallest faintest print ever (terms&conditions) is we agree to pay £87 a month by accepting the so called free offer. So crime NO! shabby,disreputable!a big YES!
    Trading Standards need to crack down on this type of con trick.

    • Arbiter says:

      a] The companies are actually outside the EU so TS are very limited in what they can do
      b] TS services have been cut to the bone, only about 1 officer for every 2000 UK businesses, let alone the foreign ones
      c] The current Government is not interested in consumer protection and has acted to reduce TS powers.

      Basically – never sign up to anything from a pop-up and never buy or agree to accept anything from a business that does not provide a valid geographic address (legal requirement).

  38. Nina says:

    I am a severely DISABLED 50+ woman who hasn’t got a lot of money & who can’t get out has been ripped off by Juvesiio for £87:00 they have taken food out off my mouth that money was for a weeks shopping, what am I suppose to do now. How can they get away with it. Surely somebody out there can help me. My bank won’t do anything, it’s not fare.

  39. joan says:

    what are the police doing. The monsters have robed loads of people. Get them bring them to task

  40. Laura says:

    I have just found out about the Juvesiio scam I ordered it through a pop up when doing an online ASDA shop. I have just phoned them on 08000786063 to be told if I send it back within 30 days they will not take any more money out of my account. The very rude customer service man said he will email me the address and code number then I have to post it back to them… I will keep you updated to see if they do and what happens next…feel so stupid!!! There was nothing to say it was a trial but he said its on the site? Sorry to everyone who has been through this too.

  41. alan wild says:

    i too have had £87.00 taken from my account after taking up this FREE OFFER.I have contacted my bank who more or less told me i will not get my money back as i must not have read the small print and signed up for this.THERE WAS NO SMALL PRINT. and no mention of signing up for anything.I am a pensioner who can not afford to pay this sort of money.To the person who is going to contact Watchdog feel free to contact me too.I also rang the company and was told to phone back in 2 hours because they were having trouble with the phone lines.Also my bank Barclays said they could not find anything illegal about what this firm is doing !!!!!!!

  42. alan wild says:

    just to add i got this advert for JUVISIIO whil logging onto Talk Talk to pay my bill .I will now get in touch with them

  43. Anna says:

    Is police can do something with this people? That was my last money. I m going tomorrow to solicitor.

  44. malcolm says:

    I to have been scammed..I bout it for 87pounds down..wife been sick with cancer so skin needed a boost..thought just pay in for p&p a bonus so gave card gutted..worst thing is product was crap

  45. Dianne Copeland says:

    The same thing has happened to me, I paid £1.95 for a tube of rubbish which arrived in March, then in April they’ve taken £87 from my account. Fortunately I saw it within 3 days and have contacted my bank. It hurts when you think you are computer savvy and still get duped by these vile people.

  46. Another Victim! says:

    Well yes I got scammed too and was furious. I rang the police, my bank and the company. After 20 minutes of “negoiating” with the call centre. They offered me 30% back then 50% I said No! Eventually I was given a return number and told to send it registered post another £8.10! To an address in Ireland. I e-mailed them the number and was emailed back (previous emails were ignored) and told to ring. So I rang Action Fraud for advice. Rang company who said straight away “yes we’ll order refund” and I’m happy to tell you this has gone through. Dig your heels in!

  47. kelly says:

    ive fooled for it too!!!! I cant tell u how angry and upset I am! about 3 wks ago a pg popped up and stupidly I fell for it! entered my card details only had to pay p&p of £1.95 as product was free. I thought it was too good to be true!! I received my product sample I received emails from the company to say product is on way and the £1.95 was taken. now (today) at 6am a payment of about £44 was taken! phoned company and surprisingly they have NO recolation of me! I don’t exist!! I wasn’t getting anywhere with them on the phone, I asked them why they didn’t have any record of me as they sent product and emailed me and they cant give me an answer all they said was we have no record of u and u have to phone the bank!!! I phoned bank and they cant do much as the money is in limbo at the mo, all they can do is send a claims form, I then phoned back the company and said I want to be unsubscribed ( which I never sign up for in the first place I didn’t tick boxes or anyting)and they cant as theres no record of me!!! so how the hell can they take money from me!!!! I said to the guy on the phone how do people go about unsubscribing and he said phone us or email us and I said well im phoning you now!! I have tried to send email and it doesn’t exist!! how the hell can they get a way with stealing! im sooo sick to my stomach!!!

    • john says:

      email Juvesiio “”

      Give your address /postcode details and point out the things that are wrong.

      I did a quick emailthis morning, phoned them up and got an acknowledgement they would not deduct any more monies.
      It’s a start. Good luck!

  48. rose says:

    I have also had £87 taken out of my account and am very angery like all the other people who have been scammed, apart from contacting my bank to stop further payments I do not know what to do to try and get my money back any suggestions please

    • john says:

      Hi Rose, Snap! Just happened to me too …
      This is my second attempt today -somehow my blog w haywire…
      start a notebook/ keep a log who you speak to
      I phoned the 0800 078 6063 quoted number on the paper enclosed with the product number…protested…he said there were “details provided” on the ad …I refuted this and complained…said I was an OAP…he offered 30% back…I went on …he offered 50% back…I neither accepted nor refused…said I could not live without the money going back into my account for essential food …
      2)phone your bank/CC company ASAP explain in detail…

      It a start… John

    • Helen says:

      Ring 08000786063 it’s a free phone number and demand your money back. I had to haggle but eventually was told to send it back via recorded delivery and I did receive a refund. Minus postage. good luck x

  49. susie says:

    contact Action fraud report Juvesiio to them

  50. Caroline says:

    Hi there, alos been scammed via Kohl’s Gift Voucher. They put up a Amazon survey not authorised by Amazon. I have reported to Amazon stop spoofing service. Also sending a letter to Cut and paste letter.

    International Dispute Resolution Centre
    70 Fleet Street
    EC4Y 1EU

    Info Juvesiio
    Riverside View
    Thornes Lane
    West Yorkshire
    WF1 5QW 29th April 2014

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    RE: Scam run by advocateeach/Juvessiio.

    I wrote to you yesterday regarding this scam and since then have found the email that linked to the offer and used Amazon. I have contacted and they have confirmed that the use was not authorized and will be taking action.

    I have enclosed the following documents and will also forward them to Juvesiio:
    1. A copy of the email from Shawnda Buchanan of Advcateeach with the subject “Kohl’s Gift Voucher” containing a link to an offer of Anti Aging System.
    2. A screen print of the offer of Anti-Aging System for Free.
    3. A screen print of the Amazon link.
    4. A copy of the email confirming my order.

    I have again called the number given, 0800 078 6063, it is quite apparent that the staff there are familiar with complains and are very rude and laugh.

    Kindly note I am, with this letter, asking for my money back from Juvesiio. I have made the request over the phone and was blocked by the staff who told me I had received the product and as I didn’t cancel I was out of luck. This was the outcome of 3 calls. I have also been on Juvesiio’s web site and asked for them to contact me which they haven’t done.

    This letter will be sent to Juvesiio.

    The address given to me by Amazon for Juvesiio does exist and is a mail box service. I have spoken to them regarding this matter.
    I will also forward this to my Bank. I will forward this letter to Amazon also.

    Do you have any advice?

    I know there are a number of T.V. consumer programs that take up scams and would dearly love anyone to call the number given at the bottom of the receipt from Juvesiio and ask for a refund or assistance and be broadcast. I will contact the ones that I know.

    Yours faithfully

    Caroline Harris

    No point in going to the address in West Yorkshire as it is a mailing company but the good news is that a staff member there had heard of Juvesiio and your letters may reach them.

    The Cisas address is for the ombudsman who oversees internet practices.

    All the best


    • Helen says:

      I got my money back off these horrid people. Mind you I was Mrs.Angry on the phone! Looks like loads of folk have been swizzed. They must be coining it in! Action Fraud are aware of this.

      I hope you get your money back.

      • Lynda Goodier says:

        May I ask how you got your money back coz all they keep saying to me o the 2 telephone numbers is ” they cannot find my account details I am bouncing here

    • CP says:

      Luckily I realised the offer for ‘Juvesiio Serum Pro Skincare Kit’ sounded too good to be true if it was indeed and so heavily discounted. However it appeared to come from my bank so I did the survey but when I had to enter bank details, I Googled them as I always do if paying online and found this page. So glad I checked it. I then called the number you guys have provided and asked if they are running a promotion and they said yes. So I suggested they send the product directly to my address for free, which they of course refused. I then asked them where they are based, and they said Clearwater Florida in the US. The agent I was speaking to sounded Indian so I asked again if he was based in India and not where their parent company are based. He then transferred the call to another agent without a word that he was transferring the call. He too said he was in Clearwater Florida. I told him I could hear them speaking in Hindi in the background and he also sounded Indian. I know this because I lived in India for many years. At this point I just hung up. I hope you get your money back. Good Luck

      Just in case it helps any of you, below is the small print that appears below the small print below the page where they request you to pay £4.99 delivery:

      We take great pride in the quality of our products and are confident that Juvesiio is the most effective and powerful anti-wrinkle solution on the market today. If for any reason you do not find this product is right for you we will gladly five you a full refund, no questions asked. You have nothing to lose except for the wrinkles! By placing an order you will be enrolled in our VIP membership program. This program will bill £87 for your trial of Juvesiio on the 14th day and shop a full-size bottle of Juvesiio for £87 with free shipping every 30 days thereafter until you cancel. You can cancel or modify your membership anytime by calling +44(0)800 078 6063.

  51. Danielle says:

    Thank God I saw this article. I did the same thing but only ordered it about a week ago and they haven’t taken any money out yet. I will call my bank first thing in the morning!

  52. Michael says:

    I too have been conned out of £87.00 which I can ill afford as with the other claims I defenitely
    Did not see or agree to the terms and conditions the offer was for a free sample as in no charge
    This is a complete and utter con and must be stopped I will not let it go

  53. stephanie says:

    How does this company continue to exist? Why have Trading Standards not put a stop to it? I contacted Citizens Advice the other day and they agreed to pass on my concerns to Trading Standards I felt a little disheartened not sure if they were really that bothered and lets face it if they were something would surely have been done by now.

    • Arbiter says:

      It is outside the EU so TS have no powers. Once the UK leaves the EU they will have no powers against EU based businesses either

  54. T.godden says:

    Robbin bastards mugged me for £87 aswel nothing but theft my banks useless some young kid says yeah happens all the time! Done a visa dispute now I’ve gotta do the leg work and prove myself a victim of this moody company!! Liberty … T.gutted.

  55. Charlotte says:

    Danielle make sure you ring up Juseviio and cancel it directly with them as well, 0800 0786 063, I would do that first and then send back the serum. And get your bank to block them from taking any payment so you are totally covered!

    I got conned too, but luckily because I paid on credit card for the initial postage and packing my bank has refunded me. But I am still so angry about this, I have tweeted left right and centre about it, I have also written to Amazon asking that they stop selling the product on the website and this is only giving them credibility and I am going to write to Watch dog! I am Mrs Angry too! I hate the thought that someone is getting rich out of tricking innocent people!!!

  56. Penny says:

    I also have just received this product today, realising it looked to good to be true I took to the internet!! my bank tell me the only thing they can do right now is block payments to the address that took the enitial £1.95 so they cannot take any future payments although this does not stop the payments if taken under another name/address . Can anyone tell me if the payments were all taken under the same name from there bank e.g ‘anti wrinkle’

  57. Penny says:

    Can anyone tell me if the payments are all taken under the same name? Eg anti wrinkle was shown for the p&p payment which my bank has now blocked from taking any further payments.

  58. jennifer townsley says:

    this also happened to me I was offered a free gift only post and package to pay but no gift. after giving my details to them for p/p they have withdrew over £65 from my account this is pure and simple theft my bank told me they cannot refund the money I reported it to fraud dept. they know all about this company and there scams but nothing seems to be getting done to stop it its sickening and very stressful The person I spoke to from bank more or less said there was nothing they could do and said I should have been more careful and they could not refund my money as I had given my bank details she wouldn’t believe that I never signed up with them or ordered any products from them so sad to say it looks like you only get on in this life if your dishonest

  59. Anna says:

    all the same happened to me as well , from eBay website i had some question to answer and then as a reward i could pick one out of few product that i can have for only a postage cost , to pay postage i had to put my card details on to the web and that where i should know not to do that , but for some reason i was thinking that if it comes from ebay web should be safe anyway i did not contact my bank cuz i did not felt like it was my bank fault so i contacted Juvessiio so i contacted them and they told me that i had i month for trial and after that i should send it back to not be charged 87 pounds !! and by the time i notice that 87 pounds is missing from my account it was more then 1 month , so that make me realy angry cuz i didint see any rules when i was paying for postage there was nothing that was telling me to send it back , so i told the guy on the line that this is scam and i have all profs that i made screen shots when i was ordering the product cuz i didint feel like it safe , and i told him that if i will not get full refund i will go to the police and see if they can help me , so the gay went to talk to his manager and he came back with 30% refund but that didint make me happy , and i told him i want full refund or im going to the police , i must say i was realy angry cuz the money they took where for my son birthday gift so i was really angry 😀 , so the gay on the other site of the line went to talk to manager once again and then they agreed to give me full refund , i might be lucky cuz i didint use that cream at all so the bottle was full but open , i did send the product back but as i was instructed it have to have tracking number , i did send it back anf after they recive it i had to call them and give them this tracking number and now im waiting for my money back as i have been told it will be with it 3-5 working days so im not happy yet cuz it my just be that i will never see this money but we will see , oh and i didin do any screen shots at all when i was ordering the product , but i had all emails that they send me like recive for postage costs ,

  60. jackie ball says:

    same here got scammed in march and didn’t realise they had taken £87 out of my account, received only trial bottle of 30ml then nothing didn’t tick anything on the page either, total scam and wish that companies like this one should pay for the stress they cause, I rang the company to cancel and got a very nasty man shouting down the phone at me just for cancelling,


    I have also been scamed by this company having received my initial free sample with 99p postage.
    I have been informed by my bank that a further amount of £65 has now been withdrawn from my account without my authorisation.
    Can anyone please give me the correct address of this company so I can return the stuff.
    I have made numerous phone calls to the bank who have now agreed to block any further payments to this company but they are refusing to refund the £65.
    I have also tried to phone Juvesiio on 08000786063 put am being told that they do not have an account for me on record , then they asked me to phone back the next day.

  62. Elizabeth says:

    Same for me too. I just realised and reported. I proceeded to cancel what looks like a VIP membership which is maybe what they are justifying charging for. Waiting the here that bank has sorted automatic payment.

  63. kathleen says:

    a month i was offer a trail run on this and i had 2 payments taken out. It high time these kind of surveys where stopped on face book and on the web sites.
    the last time it happen i got my money back

  64. manciu says: order it and i change my banck acount because they charged me aswell and 2 month in a roll they did ,, so i recesive the product twice and they charge me aswell so i call the banck and they i told them to cancel banck acount ,,,,easy no ?

  65. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely, i picked up their ad on Facebook and foolishly claimed my ‘free’ bottle which they claimed cost over £180 and to get my freebie bottle all they required was postage and packing of £4.95. So i entered my card details and within a few days this product was delivered. I then had £87 payment request from my account. My bank picked this up as an unusual activity and immediately contacted me. I have subsequently had my card deactivated by the bank so no further monies can be claimed from my previous card. I then had to go through the hassle of completing forms to get the money claimed back. PLEASE DO NOT FALL FOR THIS – easily done as the offer sounds very attractive.

  66. Caroline says:

    I ordered the trial cream i’ve paid the post and packaging now I’m worried that I have been scanned to I had tried to phone the number it says the number does not exist so if anybody knows the number I would be grateful

    • Norah West says:

      Caroline, I did it too, and found this website just in time!
      I ordered the product on the 11th August, I have been using it, and the weird thing is, I actually think it’s a really good product!
      However, I thought, ‘hang on a minute, where is the option to just actually BUY the product on their web-site?’ So I went to the web-site; at that point, no alarm bells ringing.
      I started to panic when I saw the ‘scam’ pop-up. As I read down through these posts, I soon realised that I too have been scammed.
      First thing this morning, I called the bank and told them my card was lost/stolen & cancelled my Card.
      DO THIS.
      Next I phoned the following number – 0800 078 6063
      Like all the others, the conversation got very heated. The Asian man on the line confirmed that i had signed up for a ‘repeat’ order, maximum £87 & then kept ‘Parrot-fashion’ stating that “it is quite clear in the terms and conditions”….etc.
      I was IRATE.
      I Parrot -Fashion shouted back at him, that I wanted to cancel – CANCEL, CANCEL IT TODAY.
      After approximately 10 minutes of shouting at each other, he was still refusing to cancel.
      I then said – “I am recording this phone call (which was actually not true), and I am taking it to the police, and will prosecute your company”.
      The Asian man then asked me for my email address & said – “I am cancelling your order, and you will receive an email notification of the cancellation within 24 hours”.
      I have received said email, this evening. I am keeping it as evidence. I have also cancelled my card, AND I am going to the bank tomorrow to make sure they are aware of the scam.
      Basically, those who say the number does not work, are wrong. It worked for me at 07:30 am this morning! Maybe they are in a different country and the time difference is the problem, but I don’t know, or care really. All I know is that if they took this money from my bank account without my knowledge or agreement, I would be absolutely devastated.
      So, for all others concerned; act quickly, pursue the matter relentlessly until they submit.
      The email re:cancellation does come. I have it.
      Now all that’s left is to wait for a new card to come, and the inconvenience of having to travel 28 miles round trip to get to my nearest branch!
      Please let me know how you got on Caroline.

      • Dawn Leahy says:

        They are based in Florida and although they say it is a toll free number I am pretty sure they will be charging you for the benefit of calling them. I have been scammed as well but they will not answer emails and keep saying to call them.
        I phoned once it was an Asian man and he confirmed they were in Florida so my assumption is that they are an American Company as they operate from a mail box I the UK. I have just emailed them to say that I am reporting them to the FederalTrade Commission so I will keep everyone posted.

  67. Rebecca says:

    I found this site too late and had £87 and £70 withdrawn from my account. The Halifax will not help me get my money back as they say it is not fraud, but on Action Fraud web site it describes fraud as ‘trickery used to gain a dishonest advantage.’ This is obviously fraud, so many of us have had the money taken without our knowledge. Why are trading standards letting this company get away with this? When I try to pay someone on on-line banking I have to receive a telephone call to confirm as a security measure. There was no security checks from the bank. I did not click on anything to agree to these payments. Any company that has our card details could presumably take random amounts from our banks without our knowledge because of some small print somewhere that we don’t even know about!!

  68. rowan walker says:

    me too,they have said they would pay me back twice,without doing so!!!!!!!

  69. Dawn Leahy says:

    I too have been conned with this company never see anything at all about £87.00. I am thinking of reporting them to trading standards and also watchdog or anyone that will listen.

    • Happened to me too. Company Sheridan Labs selling Equinox day & night serum and RVTL anti-age cream. Paid for £2.95 and £4.95 p&p only for free trial sample – no obligation and found my debit card used 2 weeks later for sums of £85 and £95. Creams are rubbish, poorly packaged and no way would I put them near my skin. Bank agreed to dispute larger amounts and block company but they got through and took nearly £200 this time. Got email saying my order was dispatched. I never ordered anything other than ititial free samples. Can I refuse to accept delivery when it arrives? – I have not clicked on the link they provided in their email to track delivery – don’t want them getting any more of my personal details and refuse to speak to them on phone as I’ve read reports on other U.S. websites that you get nothing but abuse from them. The leaflet in the initial samples said to return within 14 days for refund to an address Surrey Beauty but I never received the samples until the 14 days were up.

    • Helen says:

      I rang action fraud and police and my bank all aware of this fraud. I threatened to go to the papers. I did get my money back. I had to send the serum back recorded delivery. Horrible people.

  70. rose garrett says:

    I too have been conned as i put in my card details for postage on free samples,there were no terms and conditions on the pop up. Santander will not believe me and will not allow me to use the bank charge back scheme. I would be so greatful for any suggestions.Those fraudsters are using different named websites but its all the same scam that they are getting away with.They must be

  71. rose garrett says:

    I too have been conned as i put in my card details for postage on free samples,there were no terms and conditions on the pop up. Santander will not believe me and will not allow me to use the bank charge back scheme. I would be so greatful for any suggestions.Those fraudsters are using different named websites but its all the same scam that they are getting away with.They must be

  72. Keith says:

    It states on their UK we-site that within their terms and conditions you have 14 days to cancel the free trial or you will be charged £87 + P&P + handling charge and it will be a continuous payment until you contact them.
    the link is here to their T&C
    I hope this helps anyone as it give you their customer care number to cancel the reccuring orders.

  73. Keith says:

    It states on their UK we-site that within their terms and conditions you have 14 days to cancel the free trial or you will be charged £87 + P&P + handling charge and it will be a continuous payment until you contact them.
    the link is here to their T&C
    I hope this helps anyone as it give you their customer care number to cancel the reccuring orders.

  74. Diana Haines says:

    Fortunately I noticed the £87 debit this morning and was on to them straight away. I am sending the package back and they have assured me that me bank account will be credited.
    The girl at Customer Services was unbelievably rude and I kept having to ask if she was still on the line. I phoned later and spoke to a guy who was a lot more reasonable and polite.
    Apart from this, there is no doubt that it is a scam as it seems so many of us have been fooled by the unseen ‘terms and conditions’. Of course they should be stopped and I would support any action against this unscrupulous company.

  75. odette says:

    It happened the same to me!I never had have aswerered that #$%&@ survey! The scam was in April 2014 I’ve been emailing them since then, they replied at the beggining but they just ignore my emails.

  76. Deborah Hawley says:

    I’m another victim of this scam. I have been told to return the bottles for a refund, I have a reference number but there is no postcode and when checking their address ir covers a wide area. Has anyone else had a refund and what address did you send it to please

  77. Carol Cooper says:

    Same here, £87 gone without me realising but my credit card rang up to tell me and are taking matters further and it was not charged to me. I am grateful that my card company was that vigilant. I got onto this offer through Women’s Freebies so I am now dubious of any of these so called Free offers sites

  78. The same happened to me. I am still awaiting my £4.90 trial stuff from July but I have been lucky in that the £87 charged for one product and the £70 for the other has been refunded to my credit card company. Phew!
    I hate being duped and was trying to take this further but have been advised by my credit card company that this happens all the time with various beauty products, slimming aids etc.

    Obviously the answer is DON’T.

  79. Allison Draper says:

    I have been scammed by these dogs my banks fraud dept phoned me this morning to tell me. they have sorted it out blocked them and I now have a refund. im putting it on FB so all my friends will no

  80. I too was scammed but I never received even the samples. Thought no more about it until the £89 was taken. I rang my bank to stop any more payments and was advised that a further £70 had been taken that morning..Fortunately I had called Juvesiio who refunded me £67 and I cancelled the contract. As they had applied for the £70 after I had cancelled ,the bank were able to refund that amount. How ever I was still£ 22 adrift. I rang The company again and was told that I could have some products for free but no refund.. How ever I had learned in the mean time that if I had not received any goods they absolutely could not keep my money. Informed of this they still refused until I advised them that I had spoken to Trading Standards and if my money was not in my bank within five days I would go back to TS and they would investigate his company. My money was in the bank this morning! So never give up,,,,

  81. Anne Marie says:

    Same thing happened to me , I signed up for the free trail on an advert that popped up I took 2 products and I didn’t notice the payments from the credit card. They managed to get 3 payments so far . My credit card company said even if i cancel my card that they would be able to charge a different card or new card that they have enough information to process. Its some sort of loophole because the call it a subscription.My bank can do nothing about it right now. But I was able to put a security hold to stop every transaction and if needs be I will close that account completely. I tried to call their customer service line but after having to spell every single part of my name and call my account numbers out more than once, making me wonder was this a profit making phone call for them. I could not hear that the customer was in a call centre and in fact she sounded like she may have been in bad i couldn’t hear a key board typing etc , she couldn’t find my account so there for i couldn’t cancel my order. or get a return number. They are deliberately making things difficult to justify their position these customer service reps. Are also part of this scam and know whats going on.

  82. grace says:

    I’m so sorry I didn’t read these reviews before just signing up….I rang the company to cancel the product and also bank details etc but have been told that I will be charged the Shipping charge regardless and I can return product within the 15-trial period. But I am going to report this to my bank and instruct them not to authorise payment first thing tomorrow – Monday! I’m normally very careful not to order online – lesson to be learned. Never shop online unless you know the company is legit and not a crowd of fraudsters. There should be a law against this.

  83. l wrote in may,and the bank had told me on the phone i would not get money refunded for 4 x £87-00 taken from my account because it was paid on a dbit card. last month l decided to try again as l had hard that money should be refunded and my bank told me to write an account of wht happened to barclays customer services / fraud and two weks aago l had all money refunded and £100 from the bank too as they said l had been given miss information in my original call to them. Keep hassling bank is my advice

  84. Scammed says:

    Only just discovered this scam having been caught by another company with identical tactics and oddly enough the same amount being taken from my account. Wont go on about it as I am bouncing mad and only repeating what you have all described. I was alerted by an article in the Daily Mail

    I have had the run around and the offers of 30% etc etc

    So I have now raised the matter with and also Action Fraud via their FB pages.

    I have also done some digging around as well – interesting.

    Anyway I am also thinking now of having a Face Book Page for this and perhaps victims like me might like to let me know if they are interested. This has to stop its out of control and all the powers that be seem to be doing is sitting on their hands. Well I have had enough.

  85. sonia says:

    i have just had this done to me thursday the 12th feb my bank has asked me to approach the company but if i get no joy to go back the bank and they will see what can be done i will be printing this article off to take with me its outragouse and i am so so annoyed

  86. nicki says:

    “By placing an order you will be enrolled in our VIP membership program. This program will bill £87 for your trial of Juvesiio on the 14th day and ship a full-size bottle of Juvesiio for £87 with free shipping every 30 days thereafter until you cancel. You can cancel or modify your membership anytime by calling +44(0)800 078 6063.”

    ALWAYS read the small print when you are signing up for a “FREE” sample of something. While this may not be a respectable way to run a business, you ladies really have no one to blame but yourselves. It’s not a scam when the terms and conditions are there for you to read and you choose not to.

    • Ive just read you txt and phoned the number to cancel this order, I wish I new of this before 348 pounds was taken from my bank never again will I fall for free samples again. Hopefully phoning this has stopped them sending anymore.

  87. Simon says:

    well it will be little surprise to anyone who has got this far down the posts to know that we too have been scammed. My wife order the ‘free sample’ and £87 was removed from our account without authorisation a week or two later. Unbelievable……… Why would she want to buy such stuff? I already think she is beautiful, no special anti wrinkle lotion required. X Lets put it down to experience otherwise the frown lines will only get deeper and we will need more lotions….!

  88. SAMANTHA says:


  89. Caz says:

    I have been scammed too. I have asked for proof that I agreed to sign up and pay for these items however so far they have provides nothing and are not answering my questions, just coming back with irrelevant replies.

    How has this been going on for over a year and they haven’t been stopped?

  90. ann says:


  91. ann says:


  92. upset says:

    I’ve been conned out of £87 2 from flawless elite. Free trail my arse. Said u only pay the postage. These people r disgusting. & evil. Juvesiio r also going 2 try & take more money 2. I sending them back & hoping 2 get my money back.I going 2 close my bank account 2 morrow. It all a scam. Please don’t fall 4 this 2. I hope they get stopped soon. Surely something should b done about these robbing b######ds

  93. Sandy says:

    Wish i had googled Juvesiio before I placed the order for my Trial face cream. Only placed the order an hour ago so immediately sent a message to them advising them to cancel the order and to not take any money from my credit card. I called my credit card company straight away and told them what happened, they actually told me who the company was as they have had many cases like this.
    Fortunately they will flag my account for anyone taking money
    and so think I will be OK.

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  95. Martin Dean says:

    Similar problem with these sites they take postage then charge you for not returning the product. Cost me £200 close on!

  96. Susanna Balg says:

    Hi – same thing happened to me …. trying to see what can be done – the company actually sent me an email:

    Thank you for choosing Juvesiio. At Juvesiio, we would like to let you know how valued you are as a customer. We are confident that you are joining the thousands of other people who use Juvesiio Nourishing Anti-Wrinkle Serum as part of their daily facial regime, producing healthier, younger looking skin. A few IMPORTANT things to remember about using Juvesiio and shopping online:

    1. Be sure to use Juvesiio twice daily, after washing and drying your face. Optimal results are seen after consistently using Juvesiio for 30 days.

    2. We understand that a high-end formula like Juvesiio may not be the solution for everyone. When purchasing products online, make sure that you read all terms and conditions so that you understand exactly what you are purchasing and exactly what a company’s return policy is.

    In an effort to better protect both the merchant and customer, it is imperative that you contact the merchant first if you have questions about a recent order or charge before contacting your credit card company or bank. By contacting the merchant first, you will be able to achieve a much faster and more positive resolution. Our Customer Care Hotline is available 24/7 at +44 (0) 800 078 6063.

    If you have any questions about Juvesiio or your account, please call our 24/7 Customer Care Center Helpline at +44 (0) 800 078 6063.

    Thank You,
    Juvesiio Customer Care

  97. Ashley says:

    I fell victim too. I know better and yet got suckered in anyway.
    I didn’t realize until I saw the £87.00 charge in my account. I had to fight with Juvesiio on the phone for almost 10 minutes before they’d agree to refund my money if I returned the product – to SWEDEN!

    I don’t think so! I called Barclays up and they were so wonderful. They put a stop on any further payments and as a show of good faith they refunded me the £87.00 that had already been charged to my account.

    Now I’m just worried about how much that 10 minute call is going to cost me per minute. LESSON LEARNED.

  98. Rob says:

    I was also scammed by this Company in paying by CC for the postage only for a free sample of the product. Three weeks later I found the Company had taken £87 from my CC. No invoice or other advice had been received. I reported the scam to my Bank, Nationwide, who were Brilliant, they were already aware of this scam and immediately blocked the payment and credited my account with the £87 also blocking any further attempts to take any payments. 87. Juvesiico tried again to charge £87 one month later and following their failure to secure the payment sent me an e-mail asking me to contact their service line to discuss my account with then and also a copy of their terms and conditions which I had never previously received. Following advice I was instructed NOT to contact the Company who have subsequently threatened to take legal action against me. My advise is not to respond to these threats as Juvesiico do not have a leg to stand on. What is still galling is that Amazon are still selling the product!!

  99. This company now advertises on women’s freebies,an otherwise legitimate site. I have been scammed by them too,I paid for the postage of the sample by card,on discovery that that were a fraudulent company I cancelled my card.I can not believe this company is still trading,for my part all I can do is contribute to as many sites as this to warn others,avoid this company and any others that may be out there like them,the guidelines stated in the original article are good to follow, I feel like so many others before me stupid to have fallen for this scam. I have received to date no sample and this fraudulent company will not gain payment as I have cancelled my card,should they contact me again I will seek legal advice.

  100. To add to my earlier comment on this scam,please be aware that they are now operating from another address, this time in Switzerland they have a web site that tries to appear as if they are a boni fidi company,do not be conned this is the sane scam,do not give them your bank account details,and if you give then card details you have to cancel your card in order to avoid them taking money from you.

  101. chris says:

    i think these people are now also going under the name of Aimee… it sounds all the same!! i have been scammed but im hoping ive realised in time to stop it!! have just found this on the internet………

  102. chris says:

    i think i have been scammed as well and that this company is now trading as aimee…….. have just found this on the internet and it sound the same….hoping i have stopped it in time

  103. chris says:

    i think i have been scammed as well but this company seems to now be trading under the name of aimee.. i hope i have realised in time to stop it! i have tried several times to post the terms and conditions page here but it wont let me..

  104. chris says:

    these people are now trading under a different name……. when i try and post it here it wont let me…….

  105. Belinda says:


    Bank warns over ‘free’ skin cream that costs £80 a month: Thousands mistakenly signing up to subscriptions after registering for free samples online
    RBS says it receives up to 400 complaints a day from duped customers
    Ended up with costly subscriptions after applying for a ‘free trial’
    Most-complained about companies included Age Renew, Aloe Vera Cleanse, Aloe Vera 4 Diet and Healthy Ketone

    Tens of thousands of people are mistakenly signing up to subscriptions for skin creams and weight loss pills after registering for a free sample online, a bank has warned.
    The Royal Bank of Scotland receives up to 400 complaints a day from customers who have been duped into costly subscriptions after applying for a ‘free trial’ for beauty and nutrition products.
    Customers are asked to enter their card details online to cover a small postage and packaging fee for a trial of everything from teeth whiteners to muscle-building supplements.
    But many are also unwittingly agreeing to a recurring subscription if they do not cancel within the trial period – a detail usually buried in the small print.

    Thousands are mistakenly signing up to subscriptions for skin creams and weight loss pills after registering for a free sample online, the Royal Bank of Scotland has warned. File photo
    Companies typically offer a 30-day free trial via websites and social media but, weeks later, customers discover a large monthly fee – typically £80 – has been taken out.
    In January, the most-complained about companies included Age Renew, Aloe Vera Cleanse, Aloe Vera 4 Diet and Healthy Ketone.

    Now Ross McEwan, chief executive of RBS, which includes Natwest, has urged regulators to take action after noticing firms ‘taking advantage of consumers’.
    The bank’s fraud department detected this scandal last summer and reported the worst offenders to payment companies such as Visa and Mastercard.
    At the time, RBS and NatWest were receiving over 390 customer calls a day on unrecognised payments following ‘ free trials’, although this has now fallen to about 50.
    Ross McEwan, chief executive of RBS, is urging regulators to take action after noticing firms ‘taking advantage of consumers’
    Ross McEwan, chief executive of RBS, is urging regulators to take action after noticing firms ‘taking advantage of consumers’
    The ‘scams’ were costing customers over £30,000 per day in fees, the bank estimated.
    Mr McEwan said the victims were often unable to find out how to stop the payments or even contact the company. In other cases, they were forced to agree to the terms and conditions before they even appeared on the computer screen.
    He has now called on lenders to stop financing companies which extract unauthorised payments from customers’ accounts in this way.
    He told the Financial Times: ‘They are making it so difficult for people to actually stop the payment.
    ‘We are going to work through who are the players, who are the worst at it and to start calling it out with the regulators.’
    The bank said that, since June last year, it has helped 37,000 customers stop payments to companies offering free trials.
    Terry Lawson, head of fraud at RBS said: ‘Too many of our customers have fallen victim to these scams.
    ‘We want to help raise awareness so that both our customers, and the wider public, are aware of these scams and look out for unclear or confusing terms and conditions.’
    Customers are typically charged £4.95 for postage and packing for a trial product, but the average first subscription fee is about £80.
    Banks can ensure that all future payments to a firm are cancelled but give customers a refund for the money which has already been taken.
    Since August, information supplied by the bank has led to 1,000 firms being barred from processing payments.

    From what I’ve read when you go to the bank ask for a CHARGEBACK if they say NO!! Then INSIST a CHARGEBACK. If you still get the NO!! word simple “TALK TO THE BANK MANAGER” and last but not least don’t go before you get it!!

    For those of you that have already been declined by your bank Print the actual story from the mirror which I have copied above verbatim, and go back to your bank. They cannot refuse you as they have already admitted that people have been conned, and they accept that the terms were ” buried in the small print” having people unknowingly sign up for an ongoing contract that they would never have agreed to. They also acknowledge that people have to submit their account details in order to pay the small fee(Trojan Horse) for their scam to work

  106. Pat McK says:

    Whew….did the survey from a pop up as a Sky digital user, went away to get my c/card and thought….better google Aimee cream to see if it was an okay brand and came across this post. Glad I did….I went back to the payment page and sure enought, in a very light grey font to the bottom left of the page are the words “By placing an order, you will pay S & H to receive a 30 day supply. You will also be automatically enrolled in our membership program. The program will charge you £89.95 on the 14th day of your order date for a monthly supply and every 30 days thereafter until you cancel. You can cancel at any time by calling 0800 046 9691. If you cancel before the 14th day of your order date, you pay the S&H of your 30 day supply. If you cancel after the 14th day of your order date, you shall pay for the 30 day supply plus any future supplies without refund” Sure am glad I came across this page and good luck to all of you that lost money from this scam!

  107. Pat McK says:

    They are also advertising the Aimee Age Correction cream. Returns page has this address for the cream, dont know if it is correct or real.
    PO Box 7580
    MK11 9GX
    United Kingdom

    Tel: UK 0800 046 9691

  108. Same as happened to me, went into my bank to have it cancelled but ive received another one through post and my bank statement has shown another 87pounds has been taken out, going to bank on monday try and sort this out. Cant believe this has happend to me. Lessons learned.

  109. Ive been scammed out of £348 pounds for juvesiio has anyone got there money back if so how do I do that, what has your bank done about it, im going into my bank on monday because ive already been in to cancel this but Ive received another one this morning, how do we stop this, can anyone help. Thank you

  110. Luna Allen says:

    I have not given my bank account. how did they managed to get on a monthly payments of £179.90 payment for a Free Trial that I suppose to let them know if I want to buy. I tried it for 2 days. my skin started itching, my eyelids got puffy and red. I stopped it. when I phoned they said I had to wait till the date they gave me. then I discovered it was a scam. so I emailed and told them that I was going to take the following steps 1)inform Daily Mail’s 2)Trading standards in Manchester Council 4)Consumers Direct and if nothing gives me the required refund of my money, I will spend a little money to take them to 5)Small claims court. at this point they change the format of the Free Trial and they called only TRIAL AND ADDED A LOT MORE INFORMATION TO APPEAR AS IF IT IS NOT A SCAM. I told them I knew what they have done. There regis company is here is the one that takes money out of a bank. the aimee is the free trial,copyright is Allcot partnered Mint Care ltd. Google it. Luna Allen

  111. C White says:

    I’ve also been duped by Aimee. As soon a i placed the order i realised what i’d done. I returned the unopened samples by registered post with a letter saying by law i had a cooling off period and not to send any more products. Two payments have been taken from my account . When i finally managed to contact them they said that because i had returned them without authorisation my account was not cancelled and offered me a 25% refund take it or leave it.

  112. A Chilton says:

    I too was conned for £188 thieved from my account in one go for two tiny beauty products ordered as a free trial.
    As they say they have no record of me I have been unsuccessful in getting them to refund my money or cancel my dealings with them. I have had to close my bank account to ensure no more money is taken.

  113. Women’s freebies have now taken this co off their web site,well done to them.
    Be aware that juvisiio and flawless elite have now set up their own web sites,after legitimate sights such as women’s freebies have removed them.
    Please be aware that this company is fraudulent and avoukd their new site one called skin 4 you,just do not buy anything from this company.

  114. Lesley Meader says:

    They still have not been stopped,
    Shame on you !
    The woman who answered the call today and lied and lied!

    • deborah says:

      I have just discovered they took £400 all but from my card account. Only discovered when a neighbour brought in a package which he found on the street (city) no signature required. I called them – and then made this discovery. Burning question – How come this product is “not available” in the USA yet all their staff are Americans in Milton Keynes. Was it the scam that got them into trouble over there or are there health concerns over the product itself. Also – this is the worst cream I ever used, slimy and nasty. Get a proper one for £1.99 from any pharmacy, much better than this.

  115. Maz says:

    Riverside View
    Thornes Lane
    West Yorkshire, WF1 5QWTelephone:
    +44 (0)800 078 6063

    • Maz says:

      If you have been scammed and want to contact them…

    • Ali says:

      I have fallen for this and £86.99 has come out of my account. I have contacted the bank and they have put stops on this and Flawless skin as well. I have tried this number and suprise it has a fault. The same with the one for flawless. Hopefully I have managed to stop in time and no more money will come ou.

  116. Tatiana says:

    Same scam is all over the world since 2010. I was scammed twice as one beauty company share my credit card in with other;Today Beautiful skin care and It’s the same owner with changing returning instructions on their websites to fool people. That is a big issue as people will stop shopping online including myself.

  117. Nicola says:

    Well this scam has seemed to gone to a new level. My 90 year old mother received a pot of anti-ageing cream sent by Lumagenex AgeRenew Skin Care.

    My mother did not order this monthly shipment of AgeRenew Advance and if I hadn’t got her to check with her bank she would never have known that AgeRenew had already taken £98 from her account and would have continued to take out this monthly amount.

    We have no idea how AgeRenew Skin Care (New Health Brands Ltd. in East Sussex) got my mother’s personal details and were able to take money from her bank account. This is currently being investigated. is ignoring all my emails.

    Please let this be a warning to others that AgeRenew Skin Care is targeting the elderly to reach their sales targets.

  118. C White says:

    My friend was scammed by this company. I was with her when the cream was delivered and told her that it was a scam. I was scammed by another company Aimee in August. She rang Barclays immediately and asked them not to pay out any more money. They said that they wouldn’t but they did. When she rang Barclays they said there was no record of her call and wouldn’t refund her.

  119. Rona says:

    Always, always, always, read the Terms & Conditions. On the first part that you fill in the words ‘Terms & Conditions’ are written right at the bottom usually in italics, always small. Click on them and somewhere in that text you will find the information regarding monthly payments. That’s how the company get round refunding any money. They rely on you getting bored reading it all so its likely to be at the bottom – but it will always be there.

    People are saying there weren’t any T & C’s but you just haven’t seen them and that’s exactly what’s meant to happen.

    I was caught by a different company (a similar name though) and fortunately I realised in time before they took a second payment. The product was really good though which gave me comfort that they took one payment. I researched it thoroughly and learnt the above information.

    Basically, if there’s a free sample to be had but you are requested to pay the shipping…..DONT DO IT. Genuine freebies don’t usually ask you to pay the p&p.

    Its a shame we’ve all learnt the hard way but we’ve only got ourselves to blame. How many times are we told not to enter our bank details on line to anything other than a secure, well known, reputable company. We see something for free and caution goes out the window. We go into gullible mode then scream and shout when things go wrong. The bad guys exploit those of us who want to look young and slim – its not right but neither is it illegal. We just have to stay vigilant.

  120. Mrs wasley says:

    I also so have been conned .if I don’t get my money back I will take my case to the ombudsman .

  121. sarah says:

    it is still going on I was conned with paying for the postage scam an I do no
    t know how to get out of this fraud as I did not agree to pay for anything but the £4.95 postage

  122. B Cook says:

    Another one for your list of skincare scams take note Essential Skin & Essential Eye serums free just postage £3.95 & £2.95 3 weeks after delivery bank statements shows 2 payments one for each product of £89.95 each had been taken all together just shy of £190 for free products no mention of costs or monthly agreements at the time of ordering. Contacted company who to be fair cancelled agreement but contacted bank (Barclays) to make sure no further payments are made to this company.
    The company Essential Skin Ltd 14 Fairfax St Bristol Company registration 09823426 registered as a limited company October last year by a Dutch national who lives in Thailand or that is the info companies house holds.
    Always read the small print, no mention of costs involved with Order or with goods. Someone needs to weed out these scammers too many people are being duped out of their money

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