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VIDEO: Kate Moss For St.Tropez (Behind-The-Scenes!)

Kate Moss for St.Tropez beind-the-scenes video, FashionBite

Kate Moss is looking hot in this behind-the-scenes video from her recent shoot with St.Tropez, where she is the new face and the body of the tanning brand.

We see the supermodel arriving at the shoot looking chirpy, in an oversized fur coat, and the team setting up the ice blue set. Kate’s make-up was done by Val Garland, who I’ve interviewed for the last few seasons at London Fashion Week, and is a superb make-up artist. In the video, Val says the focus for the make-up is “healthy, wealthy skin. Think poolside glamour, which Kate does very well.”

Kate says: “St.Tropez is a trust worthy brand and it’s a natural looking tan, that’s what people want, they don’t want orange. When I’ve got a tan, it definitely helps with your confidence, you look in the mirror and you’re like ‘I look quite healthy’.”

She adds: ” I love everything about summer. I can’t wait for it to come. I love hanging out in my garden, not having to put layer sand layer of clothes on and swimming in the sea.”

Kate Moss for St Tropez, behind-the-scenes at FashionBite

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  1. Kerry says:

    I hate to say it but she looks amazing!! I need some of that St Tropez if it makes you look like that!! 😉

  2. Emily Seares says:

    I know, she looks great doesn’t she! With a bit of help from airbrushing…

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