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Best Festival Food Stalls


So. You’re in. You’re at the festival you’ve been waiting for all year, it’s 6pm on Saturday and you’ve got fire in your belly (on account of all the rum). Time to seek out some good grub to restore things to normal, for a while at least. But where to go?

Anyone who’s a regular at this country’s bigger festivals (happily, there are dozens) will know you could spend hours trying to decide where to eat. Forget greasy burger vans and overpriced pasties (though those options are still available), get your binoculars out and try out one of our top five, easily found if you know what you’re looking for. Trust us, you won’t regret it…


1. Pieminister

After a heavy night at a festival, there can be nothing better than tasting a massive slice of humble pie. From Chicken Of Aragon to our personal favourite, Heidi Pie (Somerset goats’ cheese, sweet potato, spinach & red onion) there’s a flavour to suit all tastes, served with a mound of creamy mash, mushy peas and gravy. Hearty, comforting stodge at it’s very best. What more could you need at a festival, where your body needs all the TLC it can get…

Where to find them: Love Supreme Jazz, Cardiff International Food & Drink, 2000 Trees, Larmer Tree, Latitude, Farr Festival, Womad, Bristol Harbour Festival, Kendal Calling, Camp Bestival, Y Not? Festival, Green Man, Just So, Shambala, Towersey Festival, Shrewsbury Folk Festival, Arctangent, Moto GP. Bestival, Brisfest. Phew!


2. Roaming Rotisserie

Chicken is still going strong in the world of foodie trends and the Roaming Rotisserie has it just right, relying on no gimmicks or complicated recipes to sell their tasty chooks. Run by a couple of lovely chaps names Bates and Easey, the concept was borrowed from rural France, taking Farm Assured whole chickens, rubbing them with spice mix and cooking them on rotating skewers for all to see. Look down to watch the irresistible juices dripping onto mounds of baby new potatoes before they hit your plate. Simple and oh so effective, here less is definitely more. NB – post meal wet wipes recommended!

Where to find them: Eat-Herder, Cornbury, Larmer Tree, Secret Garden Party, Kendal Calling, Carfest North and South, Boomtown Fair, Green Man. Greenbelt, End of the Road, Bestival.


3. Thali Cafe

Offering everything from breakfast to dinner, this outrageously cool tent is teeming with friendly staff and award-winning recipes to tickle the tastebuds, from South Indian Crispy Rice Pancakes to golden fried Indian-style cheese. We devoured a Samosa Snack Box at the mini Thali Cafe in The Park at Glastonbury, alongside a spicy Chicken Curry that really warmed the cockles.

Where to find them: Secret Garden Party, Harbour Festival, Camp Bestival, Wilderness, Boomtown, Green Man, Shambala, Shambala Sankofa, Electric Picnic, Bestival, Brisfest


4. The Goan Seafood Company

Though Thali Cafe is undoubtedly the King of all stalls spicy, The Goan Seafood Company, funnily enough, provide the best fish curries you’ll find on any field. With a head chef determined to emulate the ‘hot-sour’- flavours found on the West coast of India, the food is authentic, fresh and distinct from other Indian food. Available in varying levels of heat and intensity, with all fish locally sourced where possible, you won’t forget a trip here in a hurry.

Where to find them: Cornbury, Larmer Tree, Womad, Cropredy, Green Man, Greenbelt, End of the Road.


5. Jamon Jamon

Paella is one of our favourite festival foods because it brings together our best loved ingredients (chicken, seafood and fresh vegetables) and plenty of carbs to keep us going on a long weekend of partying. Jamon Jamon are dedicated to providing varied, fresh dishes and dole out unfathomably large portions – share with a friend or two for a brilliant value meal that’ll keep you going well into the small hours.

Where to find them: Green Man. Also on Portobello Market every Saturday and at the Zoo Lates every Friday night in July.

Happy hunting!

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