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SPOTLIGHT: 5 Minutes With Ethical Stylist Lupe Castro


Lupe Castro is a Spanish-born ethical stylist who has worked for magazines including EggMag and National Geographic Green, becoming a voice on ethical fashion and a founding member of the and We catch-up with her – in between motorbiking around the world – to find out more about what it means to be an ethical stylist.

What does it take for a fashion label to be ethical?

In my world, when I talk about ethical fashion it’s not just about garments that come from renewable resources in the traditional sense, my view is that vintage fashion is also ethical. It might not be renewable, but about recycling or upcycling. The focus is on long-term sustainability of resources and organisations’ respect for people and the environment, whilst still creating innovative, fun and incredibly stylish fashion that people want to wear, covet and share.

You cite yourself as an ‘ethical fashion stylist,’ what does that mean?

Styling my clients and dressing myself in designers and labels that I consider ethical, which can be pretty broad, but I do try to work with brands that have some sort of an ethical stance, which can encompass quite a lot.

Who are your favourite ethical designers?

It’s so, so hard to choose and it changes for me daily. At the moment it’s Ada Zanditon’s ‘Tigress’ collection. It’s gold and luminous and I am wearing one of her pieces for New Year’s in Panama. For daily wear, a Junky Styling jumpsuit from their SS13 collection. I waited for it for ages! They only designed this piece for men, so I am now enjoying my girlie version. I just need to remember not to drink too much water!

Who’s new/up and coming that excites you?

Well, I think in Panama Antonio Feuillebois. He’s got a strong vibe at the moment. In London, I really like Euphorik for men. I think will be seeing some exciting things from them!

Do you solely work with ethical designers?

Yes, mostly. If somebody has a collection that is linked to a charity or organisation I believe in, I will work with them. MAC has a great holiday kit, Viva Glam, where all of the proceeds go to HIV charities. It’s brilliant!

How did you get into styling/what’s your background?

Sales, marketing and fashion wholesaling. I got to know so many of the labels that way!

What are the key attributes for a good stylist?

Respect…for the whole team. Everyone has a part in the final shot!

Do you have any advice for someone looking to become a stylist?

It’s important to have a good, really diverse portfolio and lots of contacts. It probably seems obvious, but it really is a lot of work to maintain.

What has been your favourite campaign to work on?

Really for me they are all exciting. My last one was in Tenerife, Canary Islands for a look book shoot. It was a pretty big challenge!

Where do you look to for inspiration when planning a shoot?

The client’s brief is the starting point and inspiration can then come from anywhere to fulfil the brief and make the shoot the best it can be.

What’s your personal style?

Drama. Wearable drama.

Lupe is featured in Contemporary Fashion Stylists by Luanne McLean, Vivays Publishing. The new book explores the role of a stylist, the history of styling and includes professional tips on how to break into the industry.Sign-Up To FashionBite’s Weekly News

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